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  1. Ayo on campus today

    I imagine the last staff's pitch to a top recruit: "We are gonna have a lot of togetherness and toughness and toughness with togetherness and there's gonna be a ladder to climb one step at a time but sometimes the ladder might fall over."
  2. DJ Williams to transfer

    Groce had an offense?????
  3. If South Carolina can so this.

    The new phonebook is here!!!!
  4. If South Carolina can so this.

    How many have you had??
  5. Rob next to Shannon pic at the presser:

    I just spent way to much time trying to find a meme to post in this thread
  6. Brad Underwood

    Idiotstein will say a bunch of stupid stuff and show how much he hates Illinois. There I saved you the listen
  7. Rob next to Shannon pic at the presser:

    Shouldn't you be writing this on your tumblr?
  8. I think the thing that makes Dmlawyer such a great troll is that he has no idea he is a troll. I wouldn't believe anything idiotstein says about anything
  9. Groce Officially Fired

  10. John Groce Firing Thread

    Look at all that connectedness togetherness and toughness..
  11. John Groce Firing Thread

    #Illini spokesman just told me: "No announcement of any kind today" regarding hoops program. Team flies back this afternoon.
  12. Open Letter to Josh Whitman

    well said
  13. Mike Thomas 5 years Later

    I've always thought of Beckman as the incompetent sidekick to the villian. The guy you put in for comic relief. The guy who bumbles into the button to release the good guys. But that's a completely different analogy.
  14. Mike Thomas 5 years Later

    Never before seen footage of Thomas trying to rebuild Illini revenue sports https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iz3T07L_pyw