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  1. Reality Check

    The reality is we have beaten 4 pretty bad football teams. We have lost to 2 great teams and lost 2 games we should have won. We have yet to beat a team as good as Iowa, Northwestern, or Ohio State. That concerns me. I don't really know anything about WMU other than that if we lose to them someone should probably just leave RG to fend for himself in Detroit.
  2. Even then... we beat a MAC team but our fan base either had to get to Detroit or watch it on a freaking computer. Just sucks.
  3. If both are good at the same time I probably care more about football. Generally, though, this hasn't been a problem. Both can make or break my day.
  4. Not a single positive thing about this game.
  5. I bet they challenge this.
  6. Defense needs to force a freakin TO
  7. If Hardeman takes the right angle that play isn't even a first down.
  8. No hold on the long pass play for UW there? Nevermind, they got it.
  9. WTF was that Zook? Makes no sense whatsoever.
  10. Freakin embarrassing. They never call that crap.
  11. And the blown call effs us in the a
  12. What a horse crap camera crew. No way thats a catch, but no decent angle to prove it.