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  1. Reality of things

    You were probably underwhelmed when Self offered a scholarship to Deron Williams. After all, he was only RSCI #48. There are two points to be made about Jalen Brunson: (1) He's the best available in this state or nearby; and (2) every major expert analyst thinks he's going to be a great college player. Personally, I'm the farthest thing from an expert, but I think you can tell a lot from who else wants a player. No high major other than Illinois offered Jaylon Tate a scholarship. On the other hand, Kansas has already offered Brunson, and they're not going to be the last top program who wants him.
  2. Yes, it's not much consolation to come in second, other than perhaps giving you hope that if you're routinely in contention that you might eventually score. And we're obviously in some doodoo, just not sure how deep.
  3. Sure, it's going to hurt to lose another 5* from Chicago to Kentucky. At least our current coach had a shot at this one, unlike our former coach and the last 5* Chicago kid who went to Kentucky. But I continue to think that as painful as this is, and as bad a general sign as it is, that CM isn't Groce's make or break recruit, if only because this isn't a position of great need. We have other good players to play the off guard. In my mind, Jalen Brunson is the recruit who will determine whether we hover around the middle of the B1G, or whether Groce can return us to a higher level. We are desperate for an elite point guard, and there he is, just north of Chicago. Surely the odds are against us, not only because of whatever went on between Groce and Rick Brunson but also because it's always difficult when you're fighting Kansas and the like. But if you're going to be great, there's nothing that will accomplish it faster than a great point guard. See, e.g., the teams in last's year's championship game. If Groce is going to do it, I think this is the kid he'll need. Of course, in the words of Dennis Miller, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.
  4. Jalen Brunson

    Apart from the stupidity of posting on a public forum, and therefore potentially seen by the recruit and his family, an opinion like this concerning a recruit the staff wants badly, it appears that every professional observer, bar none, disagrees. Joe Hendrickson, for example, says that whatever his NBA projection might be this kid will dominate from the time he first sets foot on a college court. Kansas wants him badly, and I'd bet that more than half of the top 20 programs in the country will end up offering. If he's good enough for Bill Self he ought to be good enough for ChicagoFan.
  5. Jalen Brunson

    I have no idea whether we have a legitimate shot with the kid. He is quoted publicly as saying we do, although that might just be him being politically correct. Sure, Groce will find a warm body to come here to play point guard. But chances are it won't be someone as good as this kid. And I should have clarified; I don't mean that failing to get Brunson will necessarily lead to Groce losing his job. But if you define "fine" by being "competitive in the top half of the B1G and NCAA tourney most years", then we have different aspirations. I fear that Groce's ceiling might be closer to your definition than mine if we don't get an in state kid at this position who has the potential to be Deron Willams-good.
  6. Jalen Brunson

    Jalen Brunson is going to be Groce's make or break recruit. He's that important. If Groce misses on him, and we go that much longer without a top point guard, it's hard to imagine us getting beyond the middle of the pack.
  7. Tupper article

    Egwu has two serious weaknesses. First, he has terrible hands. Second, he dislikes contact. Whereas Rice lives for contact, and is therefore at 6'4" a much better rebounder, Egwu avoids it. For crying out loud, give him the ball five feet from the rim and he shoots a fadeaway jump shot. From the same place Cliff Alexander would knock you into the cheerleaders, dunk it, and make the ensuing free throw.
  8. Should Groce be fired at the end of this season?

    Idiots like this are popping up like weeds. There's no way to efficiently rid the place of them; I say we shut the whole damn board down until we win a couple of games in a row.
  9. So I read a post on EMAW where the poster claims.....

    Everybody funny. Now you funny too.
  10. Marcus Liberty- best recruit in UI history?

    No argument with Liberty, but Derek Harper should be in the conversation.
  11. Chester Frazier, C.J. Jackson, and Jamar Smith.
  12. Still "Man Crushin') on Coach Groce !!

    I like where you're going with this, and I agree; I just hope you and others are still this positive if, as is quite possible, we regress temporarily next year when we lose so much senior leadership. In the long term, I like our chances to get back where we belong.
  13. Maverick Morgan lighting it up

    Meyers Leonard was not even the leading scorer on his team; his senior year at Robinson he averaged 18 pts/game; they had a guard who averaged 20.
  14. Georgia Tech Pregame

    Are they any bigger than Southern Cal?
  15. Jaylon Tate commits

    Somebody help me out-what's this thread about? You know, the one titled Jaylon Tate Commits. And some guy who's perpetually full of his own cleverness starts a thread titled "Scout Board Sucks." Well, maybe it does, but this board is just as laughable sometimes. Here's a thought: let's all forget our former coach. He got fired. He's somebody else's problem now.