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  1. Michigan Postgame

    Any word on Rejus? Why wasn't he in the game?
  2. Alex Legion Arrested...

    What is the likelihood that he has an Illinois license? Isn't he from Michigan? Wouldn't his license most likely be issued from his home state? So his address on file would be in Michigan.
  3. WKU Postgame

    Who gives a rats A$$ what hilltopper haven thinks of us?
  4. Official Bracket Selection Show Thread

    Did he really just say he expects us to lose to WKU?
  5. Radio broadcast of Illini basketball

    I've never understood the problem with teams announcers being "homers". It is the Illini sports network! It is not the Unbiased sports network. I'm a fan and I enjoy listening to announcers who are fans as well. What is the fascination with complaining about this.
  6. Vontae Davis 3rd team All American...Agree with this?

    I would agree that it was an award received on reputation. Vontae had an okay year. Compared to the year he had last year it was not a good year, but in general a pretty good year. Had he had the kind of year he had last year (not team performance, just his), he would be a top ten pick easy and there would be no discussion of him coming back. (IMO) Also he has said he wants to be drafted higher than his brother Vernon. If I can recall Vernon was a #4? That would give Vontae a reason to come back and have an outstanding senior year and be top 5 in the draft.
  7. New Mock Draft

    Chicago has already shown that they won't spend the coin on a receiver, see Berrian, Bernard.
  8. New Mock Draft

    I may be going out on a limb here, but I don't think Maclin is hit or miss. I would love for him to go to the Bears.
  9. for what it is worth

    not to be ignorant .. but what is the slush fund incident? thanks
  10. How about the Fighting Honkeys with a Goose as our mascot and hopefully be as big a bada$$ as the Oregon duck
  11. Good bye, Sweet Sioux

    As the saying goes ... "Give an inch... "

    C'mon as the resident wannabe AD you should know that Ubben is the basketball practice facility... and Bielfeldt is the athletic administration building. But, yes 6 home games again sucks.
  13. Why has memphis switched to Nike this season from Adidas? have anything to do with D. Rose leaving?
  14. tOSU post game thread

    I disagree, from the replays I saw he made contact with his forearms and any "helmet to helmet" would be incidental. I remember before the season hearing that Donsay was a world beater and everyone was excited to have such a great hitter for a safety. Now he's here, laying the wood, and he gets two bull crap calls for unnecessary roughness and now he's an undisciplined bad guy. Bull. He is awesome and I hope he keeps it up. I'm with Troy Polamalu, the game is becoming sissy and this crap has to stop.
  15. Start Eddie at NW

    I think it was proven today that like Juice, Eddie cannot get the ball off fast enough to play with this O-line. :wall Since, that is Juice's number 1 problem.