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  1. I wasn't worried until I heard BU

    Ironically, committing last minute to Michigan is presumed by some to imply they are clean. But committing last minute elsewhere would bring the opposite conclusion. Do we assume old coaches are clean? Pitino is no youngster.
  2. It has been proven prophetic.
  3. That's in reference to the old Tark line.
  4. The day after Nassir Little committed to them because his other schools were involved in the FBI investigation. Even BEFORE enrolling at UNC their athletes don't do their homework.
  5. I wasn't worried until I heard BU

    But Michigan is squeaky clean. I know this because Dan Dakich said so. Oh, and Thad Matta too. And IU. I wonder what these schools have in common.
  6. What the hell is Cam Newton doing?

    What is he doing? Showing his true colors.
  7. 2017 Chicago Bears

    Aaaah....college success. I think I will pop in my DVD with the highlights of the great college careers of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Bett Favre, et al. Even Russell Wilson, Eli, Big Ben.... Followed by NFL highlights of Heismann winning QB's. Should I start with Eric Crouch? Geno T? Wuerrfel?
  8. 2017 Chicago Bears

    I like Watson. I would have been intrigued had the Bears taken Watson. But I am certainly not going to get worked up about pasing on him, especially before Trubisky even plays. Long term, I will always bet on the guy with the arm vs the guy with the legs when it comes to NFL QBs.
  9. Dangerous Website

    Yes. I am told it's a phishing site.
  10. Recruiting

    Good. We can then brag about spending $0 to get him.
  11. Over/Under # of Head Coaches Fired From FBI

    They're also not dealing (solely) with the NCAA. Feds have their act together. But it will come to light just how many coaches on the Pitino level have "you can't fire me for any reason" clauses like Ricky.
  12. PJ Fleck is better

    I think Fleck is a good coach and would be happy to have him. But I agree he reminds too much of Groce. And highlights of their loss to MD on ESPN are accompanied by anchor saying "Maryland rowed the boat", so he is being mocked somewhat already for the Groc-isms.
  13. Dick Vitale and Jay Bilas publicly state they would be shocked if Sean Miller knew of the activities of his 12-year asst coach. Dan Dakich calls for firing of Brad Underwood for actions of his one-year asst coach. Sigh.
  14. I wasn't worried until I heard BU

    "No, not from the jar. From the tray." "How is that not stealing?"
  15. Did someone state that Adidas' competitors are victims? I believe you may want to wait for further info coming from the FBI.