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  1. Eff Bobby Knight

    Ahhh the classic villainization of a black man who questions modern black culture
  2. What are you listening to?

    JFC if I wanted to hear a woman yell at me in a satanic voice I'd go out drinking, come home at 3 am, and wake up the kids trying to make a frozen pizza
  3. WTF is Wrong With Trump Today?

    "Carrier said last month it was still going to have to let more than 600 people go as it shipped jobs to Mexico, where the minimum wage is undeniably cheaper. " But we need $15 minimum wage here, right?
  4. WTF is Wrong With Trump Today?

    Putin's puppet, Trump, continues to ramp up more aggressive foreign policy with Russia than Obama.
  5. Celtics and Lakers ESPN 30 for 30 series

    Maybe he wasn't as physically gifted as Lebron, but he played the game the right way
  6. Arby's roast beef--How could there possibly have been that many sesame seeds on that bun!?!!? Quinoa--thought this was supposed to be GOOD for me? if my wife keeps feeding me this crap she better start soaking it in aloe Vera and buying premium TP!
  7. your 5 favorite tv shows?

    I'm binge watching The OC LUV
  8. WTF is Wrong With Trump Today?

    Even they couldn't stand the idea of Hillary being president. Hard to blame them.
  9. WTF is Wrong With Trump Today?

  10. What popular band do you irrationally dislike?

    Fvck Bono
  11. This is a 20 year rebuild

    Four fingers of throbbing red is about all I can handle
  12. Armed Robbery & Home Invasion

    Just think, these guys could have earned degrees from the University of Illinois just by not being complete #$%&@!ing idiots. But it's always the "student athlete" that's getting screwed in the deal? These morons were granted an opportunity to be educated by a top 50 world institution of higher learning, and they can't even pull off a dorm room heist of their drug dealer? How much money has the UI invested in these dopes? People like this don't even belong on the UI campus, it's no wonder the academic elites hate high level sports. And before anyone says well if they were getting paid what they're worth (LOL) they wouldn't have felt compelled to rob their drug dealer in the first place! Let's consider that probably have just used that money to buy MORE drugs and REMY and they'd still be broke and stupid. GOOD RIDDANCE
  13. WTF is Wrong With Trump Today?

    The American and Western European left have been coerced into a strange infatuation with Muslims. Double points if Christians are harmed or threatened. It's quite the mind fvck, really
  14. Chris Cornell dead

    Come on guys wake up https://youtu.be/unAlxZHWRK0
  15. Dumpster Diving - Finals Week 2017

    I tried it in my neighborhood and all I found was VHS porn and a dead baby