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  1. Thoughts on the up-coming season?

    Fixed your post.
  2. Thoughts on the up-coming season?

    If you mean it's bait to elicit a response from awful trolls, haters, and bad fans like you, then I agree. Thanks for proving my point.
  3. So, this is really back up and running?

    To answer the OP, unfortunately yes, this wretched hive of scum and villainy is back up and running... :rolleyes
  4. Thoughts on the up-coming season?

    And rightly so. This board has now single-handedly destroyed the good work of two coaches.
  5. Tejon Lucas announcing tomorrow

    Double post
  6. Tejon Lucas announcing tomorrow

    If it's not worth your time to spend five seconds looking something up, why is it worth your time to post walls of text that are factually wrong 99% of the time? If you think any of us take this place seriously, you're an even bigger idiot than I thought.
  7. Chalk Talk 2015

    If that's the case, then you're implying that SoCal is a douchebag, which means you've "double secret" implied that you are also a douchebag. By the way, I agree wholeheartedly with your second-degree assessment of yourself.
  8. Chalk Talk 2015

    I wouldn't accept an award from this Cesspool, so don't bother nominating me. You have Indiana-Kansas Hybrid Troll of the Year in the bag for the foreseeable future.
  9. Chalk Talk 2015

    I see the Medusan traitor is still infiltrating the ILLINI athletic department. How do they continue to allow this to happen? Rob "Hack"Colley should be tarred and feathered and run out of Champaign on a rail.
  10. The Bigger Question

    Fixed your post.
  11. The Bigger Question

    You wish. I'm still here, still taking copious notes. I send a report to the mods every night, but they still refuse to take out the trash. My file on you fills up a 3" binder all by itself. And don't get me started on Rob "Hack"Colley.
  12. The Bigger Question

    If being a bunch of insufferable Indiana trolls and bad fans was a bannable offense, traffic here would be even deader than it is now. You Cesspoolers have reaped what you've sown.
  13. First Post!

    You failed the test. That is exactly what I would expect an ISU troll to say. I've changed your ISU troll status from "Suspected" to "Confirmed."
  14. First Post!

    I already have a substantial file on your posting habits, alc1989. I've tentatively placed you in my ISU troll folder.
  15. Ran into MT at Stone Creek

    Your posting history suggests that you frequently use sarcasm as a rhetorical device, and this post appears to be no different. While a don't believe your post is genuine, it's actually mostly correct. Most of you are indeed Indiana fans, and almost all the rest are Kansas fans. I've noted a few exceptions: - IlliniVette is a Florida State troll, which makes very little sense as the Seminoles and ILLINI are not considered rivals in any sport. He must have stumbled here in a drunken stupor one night and just decided to stay, like your typical Floridian. - PassiveAggressiveMan is a parody poster. He frequently imitates you cesspoolers in jest, but he also often goes "out of character" and posts genuinely about how terrible this place is. Of course, you Indiana and Kansas trolls are too stupid to see that you're being mocked. - Rob "Hack"Colley is just a bad journalist desperate for hits on his terrible website.