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  1. Preseason Prediction thread...

    Not too far off....
  2. Let's play the expectations game for this year ...

    Major improvement from McCamey and Tisdale leads to the Illini being an NCAA bubble team.
  3. Random question: Why do car rental companies give you two keys?

    I was once told: The rental car company wants to sell the car and needs the two keys to do so. In order to keep track of 1 set of keys instead of two, they just attach them all together.
  4. BCS Disaster

    I certainly enjoy the importance the regular season has in college football. If I could tweak it, I would reward teams with a higher strength of schedule. I think it would be great for more USC/OSU or Illinois/Missouri matchups.
  5. Obama's brother found living in a hut?

    Someone needs some scripture lessons. Do you think Jesus was being literal with the use of the word brother?
  6. to those opposed to the death penalty...

    I'm still confused. Are you highlighting this case because he's admitting his guilt, and there's no doubt to whether or not he did it? Or because he says he wants to be put to death?
  7. to those opposed to the death penalty...

    I think your question is more aptly aimed at those that oppose suicide and assisted suicide. It has little to do with those that oppose the death penalty.
  8. so i was trying to figure out what position my car would play....

    Veteran offensive lineman. Shows many signs of age, but inexplicably is still running do to lack of better options.
  9. so i refer to the youngdudes as "mofos" and occasionally....

    PITAs (nm)
  10. Rumors On Next Batman Movie...

    The Dark Knight (sp) already repeated some of the mistakes the first franchise suffered. They redid the batsuit to make it better. They made the batmobile into a transformer so it could change into the bat bike. And don't get me started with the whole batsuit sonar thing. The action scenes get more ridiculous (driving the bat bike off the wall and flipping around). THey've already started down the road of needing to make things bigger and better every single movie. The Batman arcs to the storyline in Dark Knight were the weakest parts of the movie. The Joker and Harvey Dent roles/storylines made Dark Knight enjoyable. I will be surprised if Riddler or Penguin are 1/2 as interesting villians as Joker and Harvey Dent.
  11. Rumors On Next Batman Movie...

    Good god, they are just repeating the mistakes of the first franchise. F.
  12. IMDB Tougher Movie Tagline Trivia (I hope)

    2 He got game
  13. New York's finest.

    Eh, car drivers want the same They want bikers to follow the rules of the road, but don't want them to take an entire lane. I think there's a reasonable middle ground somewhere.
  14. New York's finest.

    Yeah, it always struck me as weird that they made Gordon proud of not being a rat.