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  1. Recruiting

    You are asking a guy who is basically advertising that he is a pedophile to let something sink in. That's not going to happen. I only hope Truth gets the help he needs to deal with his problem.
  2. Four college assistants arrested for fraud

    While there is little doubt in my mind Kansas is a part of this, I don't place much credibility in that site.
  3. Whitney Young Cancells Football for rest of season

    The big difference between soccer and football is that soccer (outside of headers, which as mentioned earlier can be banned) has accidental collisions resulting in head trauma. This is no different than basketball or baseball. The goal of football is to intentionally and violently collide with others to accomplish the objective. There is always a risk of concussions in any sport. However, if soccer wants to ban headers (either altogether or outside of the penalty area, which isn't a bad idea in my mind), the risk of a concussion is about the same as it would be in basketball or baseball.
  4. Four college assistants arrested for fraud

    Have to give Alabama basketball a little time to learn from the football program. Speaking of football, it will not surprise me one bit to see football programs caught up in this as well. It likely won't be as widespread as basketball because of the three-year rule for players in college before they can declare for the draft, and I think the really shady characters are in basketball more than in football. However, I am firmly convinced there will be some football stuff coming out of this investigation as the Feds sink their claws into this more.
  5. Four college assistants arrested for fraud

    Considering Pitino wasn't asking questions when strippers and prostitutes were in the basketball dorms, I'm making an assumption that he really didn't care about a top player got to Louisville as long as he was there.
  6. Four college assistants arrested for fraud

    I do find it amusing that an organization making somewhere around $750M a year off of one event can cry about having few resources.
  7. Four college assistants arrested for fraud

    If anything, this may get the NCAA to finally get its butt in gear. The fact that the Feds swept in for this has to be an embarrassing event for the NCAA.
  8. Four college assistants arrested for fraud

    I guarantee you this spreads to football. Too much money involved.
  9. Bye Bye Loren Tate

    Not to mention that RG didn't even bother interviewing Thad Matta because Guenther was so hurt by Kruger and Self leaving. We'll never know if Matta would have actually taken the job, but to not even extend an interview offer because of the fear of being a stepping stone again was unconscionable. Ron Guenther hired the guy who wouldn't want to leave instead of hiring the best coach he could and making it worth his while to stay. The basketball program has yet to recover.
  10. Recruiting

    He has to be the clear choice. He's the only one from the K tree that's been better than mediocre in a power conference. Brey's the other, and I would think he's not in consideration because of age.
  11. Bye Bye Loren Tate

    You didn't see my link from the Lincoln paper, did you? Loren had far more potential to move the needle than some here care to admit.
  12. Bye Bye Loren Tate

    Noted. How about this column from the Lincoln paper? http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/sipple/steven-m-sipple-latest-loss-severely-tests-any-sense-of/article_5a563e47-be03-5052-b074-675d657eb872.html
  13. Bye Bye Loren Tate

    Ask yourself if Loren Tate would have written something like this. http://www.omaha.com/huskers/football/shatel-danger-zone-as-husker-football-program-and-ad-shawn/article_fb639ad0-9b33-11e7-aed5-43f8803902f8.html
  14. Bye Bye Loren Tate

    That's exactly the type of attitude that has allowed the program to be so bad for so long. Had Loren used his platform to demand more success instead of making excuses, maybe someone like Ron Guenther would have cared more about winning than just staying off of the NCAA's enforcement radar.
  15. Bye Bye Loren Tate

    The only thing that really rubbed me the wrong way about Tate was his defeatist attitude about the program and his incessant defending of Guenther. I always appreciated his historical perspective, and his basketball pairIng with Turpin was fun ("Oh, Jim, that's a terrible call!" was a lasting memory of my youth). Like many others, he didn't hold the prorgam to an acceptable standard over the last few years.