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  1. That would be bad on so many levels if that was to happen (Groce to KSU). It would be so bad that Jerrance might even turn down the job if offered (LOL). I guess if Buzz didn't have interest, then I guess Groce is among the top options left. But, if what Roy and Harv Schmidt said about Jay Wright possibly being interested, I would secretly go after him while others are thinking we're in talks with Groce.
  2. Actually...Now that I think about it.....I would be more interested in Chris Mack, too.
  3. I know I've mentioned this before but if what they say is true about Groce, all I wanna know is if MT had any interest in Buzz Williams and vice versa? I'm sure Groce might end up being a great hire but I think Buzz would be way more of a sure thing than Groce. Plus, you know that Buzz would've kept Jerrance on as an assistant. Can someone please explain why this isn't mentioned or asked much? I never heard his name mentioned at all concerning Illinois interest in him. After Smart and Stevens, I truly think that Buzz was the next best option. I believe the fanbase would be excited about him much more than Groce.
  4. John Groce

    No disrespect to Groce but if Thomas is going to forgoe diversity and makes no attempt at Buzz Williams or Frank Martin, it would be very dissapointing. I'm sure Groce will be great in a few years but the whole point of letting Weber go was to make a splashy hire of a good coach who we all know can do an excellent job at Illinois. Both Buzz and Martin fulfill those needs IMHO much better than Groce. I'm sure if you throw close to the $$ that was reportedly offered to Shaka, they would come.
  5. Are we the laughing stock now?

    What I really want to know is how do we go from Shaka Smart turning us down to to Anthony Grant & Leonard Hamilton saying they're not interested in us minutes later? For those you guys that want Brad Stevens, do you really think he would accept an offer to coach Illinois? Remember, Shaka is supposedly following in his (and Mark Few's) footsteps. Personally, I really wanted Shaka. He was my first and second option but I think the only hire that saves some face for Illinois is hiring Buzz. He isn't afraid of recruiting and outside of VCU, Marquette was the only other team to me that played an uptempo style and their players were hard nosed guys who played aggressively where their defense led to some exciting offense. I live here in Richmond, VA and I'm getting a lot of egg in my face from all of my friends and neighbors. I feared that Shaka would turn us down cause I knew he actually liked it here and didn't have to worry about the added pressure he would get as Illinois' coach. I was just hoping and praying that he would surprise us and take the job. Let's hope Buzz is still interested and MT approaches him about the job. I really think he would do well here.
  6. Pardon the Interruption

    I think the option that Shaka would jump at more than Illinois is Florida. I believe I read an article in the past 2 days where someone close to Shaka said the same thing. Succeeding one of his mentors in a program with more recent success would be more appealing. He could continue the winning tradition the Donovan his started. Only thing is, will Donovan be leaving Florida anytime soon? I don't think so. It's why I think the Illinois job is a great fit for him. It may be hard for him to leave the low pressure job at VCU that has great resources and is in a city that he and his family loves. I really hope things change within the next 24 hours and he decides to take the Illinois job. We definitely can't blame Thomas for making an effort to the get splash hire. Much more than RG ever did. I really hope Thomas is keeping Marquette Buzz Williams in his thoughts as a possible fall back hire. I really think he would be great.
  7. Robert Smith in Champaign today

    Chicago Fan: I cannot stop watching the .gif pic you posted. It's exactly what I would've done to some who wishes to be that much of a jerk to go through the wrong line. I can't stop laughing at it. Hilarious!
  8. Looks Like Plan A...

    I wouldn't take much stock in the article that Siri initially posted. He's stating an opinion like many others based on conversation with people & boosters who would like Shaka Smart to stay. I've been living here in Richmond for the past 5 years and I'll tell you that this city didn't seem to pay much attention to VCU basketball until they upset Duke in the tournament under the previous head coach (Anthony Grant). So, of course, they don't want to see him go. Most folks around here know or care little about the state of Illinois Chicago. But, I will say that word has been heating up fast about Illinois' intense interest in him. Many folks I've run into kept asking me months ago "why would Shaka go to Illinois?", "what's the connection between Shaka and the Illinois or the Midwest?", or "it doesn't make sense". I have to explain to them his Midwest roots, wife went to Northwestern, Chicago ties, etc and they still look at me as if that wasn't enough to prove anything. Well now, when people see me (or I mention I'm from and went to Univ of Illinois) in a conversation about VCU and Shaka, people are like "Oohhhh" or "Aahhhhh" like "Oh, we know why you're interested in Shaka". It's actually kinda of funny and definitely exciting (if we get him). You need to look further into the television station's website and look at another article that came out that same day. Now I appreciate the comments made by former NBA player and Univ. of Richmond player, Johnny Newman. He considers the Illinois job as a "rare opportunity" and a job that Shaka could keep for a long while. This made me feel good but on the other hand, I also think that the VCU job is one that he could keep for a long time, too. Even though his built up high expectations here, they can handle down years better than Illinois fans and boosters, IMHO. I'm really, really hoping we get him. You guys have no idea what how this guy inspires people, players and fans. I think he could do wonders at Illinois. It makes too much sense! If we don't, I'm one of those that think we should go for Buzz Williams big time. I like his style of play (uptempo) and how hard nosed his players are every year. They have a grittiness to them but not in a boring way. He may not meet the profile the DIA and boosters are looking for (race) but I don't think that would get in the way of things like recruiting. It might be hard to pry him from Marquette. I live in Racine, WI before I moved to Richmond and I know Marquette fans would hate to see him go, too. I still can't believe they have a private jet and Illinois doesn't. See the link below about the article I mentioned: http://wtvr.com/2012...akas-next-play/ Shaka Speculations