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  1. Gonzaga Game Thread

    I was wondering what it would take. Either that or end of the world on Dec 21st.
  2. 11/26 Polls

    He hasn't changed in over 5 years (not counting last 7 months I'm sure he hasn't changed). I'm paying attention to college ball. I've watched quite a few games so far this year. And I've watched KSU twice, followed their recruiting since Weber, and read Weber's quotes about his plans. That's enough for me to determine Weber is going to fail. I've seen enough from Groce in games and on the recruiting trail to determine he will be successful. I've also followed other teams to make similar opinions. It just seems beyond absurd that you can't make conclusions after seeing the same amount of data.
  3. 11/26 Polls

    Crush, people stop talking about how Weber feels. Our original discussion centered around whether has the ability to change, in order to be successful at KSU. Whether he feels anything is irrelevant. He needs to change to be successful and he is staying the same. And I can tell that by the fact he hasn't changed....anything. And I don't need to know him personally to know he hasn't changed, see comment about staff, recruits, and offense. He needs to change that to recruit players better than Orris. If he was so good, Groce would have kept him. And that's the problem, Weber thought he was good enough.
  4. 11/26 Polls

    Nobody cares if he feels he failed. As far as knowing if he's changed, Hired same coaching staff (actually worse without JH) - check Installed same offense - check Offered Orris - check My job here is done. Ciao!
  5. 11/26 Polls

    You're right, I'm not with him in person. I only evaluate him based on results I see on the court.
  6. 11/26 Polls

    Who said anything about how he feels or "persona?" I'm going off what he said and his actions. I.e. same offense, same staff, same recruits (orris). He isn't doing anything differently than what he did when he failed at Illinois. Knowing what he truly feels isn't predictive of how much future success he will, only his actions. His actions haven't changed in years. He could feel the same but change his offense to fit his recruits, take a communications class, add staff with rainmaking ability, not offer Orris and his results would improve.
  7. 11/26 Polls

    I'm back. Your last sentence is why I don't put much stock into what you or other WFFs predict about the future. While I agree Weber is not doomed to fail everywhere he coaches, I'm sure he would be an excellent D2, SIU or below, or high school coach, he does not have the ability to be successful at KSU. He has proven he can't learn from his mistakes. He made the same ones over and over and over again at Illinois. And in your response, omit the argument he needed a fresh start to gain perspective to better understand what he did wrong and needs to learn from. He had plenty of season at IL to adjust. Annd most importantly, he doesn't think he made mistakes. Only if MT could have supported him more, they would have made the tourney. Only if, only if, only if... Next, even if he did think he made mistakes, he is making them all over again. Did you see the crack team and offense he put together at KSU? He isn't gaining any additional national/recruiting coverage by his staff. It's the same rodeo show for him. Groce came in and told Orris thanks, but no thanks. Weber took him in! And finally, he is again back at coaching away from KSU's strengths and forcing people to adjust to his style of ball which has proven to be a failed system minus one or two years which can be considered an outlier. In conclusion, if you fail to see that he has no chance to learn from his mistakes at KSU then you don't have the ability to properly evaluate talent and make recommendations. That's the real issue. It's why I can't put much stock into what you say about the future. With all due respect, I hope you're not planning a career in HR. As a friendly yet serious joke, I think you would do well as s philosophy professor, trial attorney, and/or political pundit where you can make dog $hit smell like fresh flowers. I would hire you in those 3 positions in a Manhattan (KS) minute.
  8. Thanks Mike Thomas

    I could have sworn this was a basketball thread.

    Jesus Lord. I go away from the summer and I come back to this God awful thread and the usual suspects, on both sides, puking up the same old responses. This is the most ironic thread title ever.

    wow, I checked out for awhile this summer and this pathetic thread awaits me upon my return. Seriously?
  11. Crandall to SMU per Goodman

    I blame Weber. It is his job to develop and improve's Head's shooting ability. The fact he had horrible form during his soph season after a redshirt directly reflects Weber's poor development ability. He had an entire year while redshirting to correct this. Some blame needs to go to Head to put in the time but I never read any articles of Bruce spending time with him or hiring a coach that has that ability to work with Head on him jumper. I am not even getting into dribbling and passing.
  12. Weber just can't STFU

    What a little bitch. You can almost already hear him making excuses for how difficult his new job is. In his latest diarrhea of the mouth, he is blaming the kids for not performing well after hear their coach sucked for not making the tourney. FOLLOW UP QUESTION BUBBLES, WHY DIDNT YOU MAKE IT THE OTHER 2 OUT OF THE LAST 5 YEARS?
  13. Derrick Rose

    I hope the NBA is happy with the $$$ from 66 games instead of 50+
  14. Most classic quote from pro scout re: Meyers

    Hilarious... Bubbles did always pay attention in the huddle. I'm not sure if he ever said anything important during one but those are two different things. I think the biggest thing was post passing. Between Sammy Ice throwing passes to the cheerleaders and Betrand being 1.5 seconds slow when Meyers was wide open, there really wasn't a great way to get Meyers the ball. The high-low action worked a few times. ? This is where Groce's focus on individual skill drills will pay off. I can already feel the player development stopping at KSU. Bubbles asked one point guard that drives if he has ever done the pick n pop. Most damning, while Groce has hired all of his coaches and is working on intense player development drills with all players and coaches involved, Bubbles hasn't filled out his staff and there are certainly no reports of him improving anyone's skill at KSU yet. One last unrelated line to pile on Bubbles, Groce has already completed a recruiting whirlwind in Chicago with the assistant from Chicago while Bubbles hasn't filled out his staff and is entertaining Orris to pass the time. What in the hell is he doing? Busy working on his soap and water formula to get ready for next season?
  15. Still, the Illini's disappointing season left some questions for their NBA prospect, as well. "The times I saw him he never got the ball. That was frustrating to watch..." http://www.illinihq.com/sports/illini-sports/mens-basketball/2012-04-22/klees-corner-big-idea.html My Comment: Join the freaking club, get in line buddy.