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  1. Meyers Leonard commits to Illinois

    That's Why I Made The Sikma Comment He had ball handling skills prior to the explosion of the growth plates! Mr MDI
  2. July 30\'s News Gazette Chat ...

    Yes, Waiting For A Paper To Arrive Took Days I did this in the 1980s. Seems to me it went Media Mail so it took quite a few days! At times I also had peeps clip me articles and mail them first class. I also had peeps in the area and sometimes I'd just call and have them read articles over the phone. You had to be pretty dedicated back in the day to get info. I remember bringing articles to Bay Area alum meetings and passing them around! Mr. MDI
  3. 30 days everybody.

    And 30 Days From Now, Take Comfort In The Fact that Missouri fans will still be the assclowns they are today! Additionally, I will still want a victory and will still want to send their fans back to the trailer parks where they reside! Beat Missouri! Mr. MDI
  4. Meyers Leonard commits to Illinois

    Like Sikma, who also grew 6 or so inches in a year. This is a significant recruit and glad he's in the fold early. Our next 3 classes are shaping up beautifully and this 3-year span could be the best Illinois recruiting ever. Mr. MDI
  5. Meyers Leonard commits to Illinois

    Congrats, Meyers! Glad you are in the fold! In his honor, I'm planning to buy a couple of Heath bars tomorrow! (Illinois history hint: The Heath bar was created by the Heath Candy Company of Robinson.) Additionally, a few other players from small towns who did pretty well for themselves: Rick Mount - Lebanon, IN Scott Skiles - Plymouth, IN Dave Downey - Canton, IL Jack Sikma - St. Anne, IL Doug Collins - Benton, IL (Am I right on this one...Benton or Marion?) Dan Issel - Batavia, IL (Batavia was small when Issel grew up there.) Jerry West - Chelyan, WV Chet Walker - Benton Harbor, MI Bobby Joe Mason - Centralia, IL (Mason was one of the greatest players I've ever seen and certainly one of Bradley's all-time greats! I'm sure P-Man can attest to what kind of players Mason and Walker were!) Mr MDI
  6. Jamar Thread #3

    Scenario #2 Also Makes Me Angry and the implications could be severe for BW and RG. In Weber's case, it would appear he is a liar or has absolutely no control of the program. As for Jamar, can't see him staying under any circumstance considering he admitted to the policeman he had been drinking. That alone means he doesn't pass "go" (completes probation successfully in 2/09) and there goes the "get out of jail free" card as well. The next couple of days will be interesting. If news surfaces that other players were involved it speaks volumes about the program and I don't see how any of it is positive for Bruce Weber. As for RG, he may find it very, very difficult to raise money for a new/remodeled basketball facility considering the three ring circus we're witnessing. I can imagine key alums shutting off the money until this mess is "solved." Mr. MDI
  7. D. Stewart or Ch. Randle

    Agree With This Until it is an NCAA rule coaches will have no interest in a directive from Kelvin's Ethics Group. Make it an NCAA rule, that's a different story, but no directive from this group is of any interest to anybody. Mr MDI
  8. Jamar Smith Details

    Might Want To Rethink That... See IRS hearings/procedures. See attempting to get removed from "No Fly" DHS lists (very recently in the news). Guilty until proven innocent is very alive and well in America. Mr MDI
  9. was ATL just on the News-Gazette sports page? (nm)

    You Can Bet The Farm that no other B10 school would do something this stupid! Not even IU! Going to Detroit to play a meaningless game when we could have had a week off before OSU...it's just mind blowing how dumb this is and on so many levels. Having seen this crapfest scheduling, I'm not sure I even want to know why for fear the answer is even worse...like Central MI didn't have a home game open for us or we just couldn't get Prairie View! I guess the part that kills me is this is a season of rededication of MS! You would have thought that would have been a huge reason for 7 home games. Oh, well, we all know if the DIA ever did any blockbuster marketing of something obvious it would be the first time! We really need new blood in that arena because our current folks haven't had an original thought since the 1980s. Mr MDI
  10. David Barrent, 4* LT from Des Moines has decomitted from Iowa.

    Have We Officially Started The Death Watch For Kirk's tenure in Iowa City? Can't imagine they are going to continue paying large dollars considering the recent results. Doesn't appear that things are going to get better any time soon. Now don't get me wrong, I hate them as much as the next guy but even Iowa people eventually wake up and smell the coffee! Just hope they slumber through say 5 or so more years of Turner West. Oh, here's a thought, Turner will get bounced by the Bears pretty soon and it would be very nice to see him land over there! Mr MDI
  11. Good Summary I had completely forgotten about Bowden and that's gotta be the #1 reason he's still there. Like you, I am amazed Bowden has survived at FSU considering all the things that have happened but I guess if I look a little closer and consider it's FSU we're talking about here, it's not too surprising. Mr MDI
  12. Saddened By All Of This I have always thought Paterno had the right outlook and approach and ran this storied program with class. Alas, I think he's stayed too long and doesn't fully have the respect and support of his players. I can't imagine anything like this happening during his prime. I've had the uneasy feeling over the past couple of seasons that he's hanging on hoping for one last run at an NC. It seems to me that everybody pretty much thinks that can't or won't happen, but who's gonna tell Joe? I'm sure the PSU administration hoped he'd just retire at some point but it now looks like they may have to pull the plug. If that's the case, it isn't gonna be easy. I'm sure with his recent health incidents they hoped some brave MD would tell Joe it's time to walk away but that didn't happen. It's a shame to see this happen at the end of what I think has been a wonderful career. Perhaps it's not as "wonderful" as I think but I've never known of issues from years past. If anyone has a better historical view of The Paterno Era, I'd be interested in comments. Mr MDI
  13. For IU Asst. Jeff Meyer to Michigan..LOL

    Paging Ed Martin Relatives... We're in deep doo-doo here and we're being over-run with people from WVA for some reason! Mr MDI
  14. I've just about reached terminal velocity with Mizzou fans...

    Just Imagine If Iowa And Missouri Ever Got Together and you had the likes of RedbirdHawk and MonsterTiger attempting to have some sort of a conversation. It would likely push back civilization a good 20 years! I'm hoping we can get this win and send their fanbase back to their homes in the RVs parked at Wal-Mart or all of the lovely trailer parks that dot the countryside. Mr. MDI
  15. For IU Asst. Jeff Meyer to Michigan..LOL

    Meyer Thoughts 1. Guess Belein thinks this gives him the inside track on Daddy Death Threats youngun who's gonna need a ride soon and ain't no way that's gonna be at IU! 2. Considering the historical D-Baggery that is SCUM sports, this move would seem appropriate. Belien just lost massive points with me. Here's hoping Meyer just Websters Weasel recruiting and in 2-3 years they are scratching their collective heads about just what this clown does there! 3. Guess those stone tablets brought down daily by St. Jerry F. didn't have much impact upon DDT and JM. 4. Ever look at Liberty's so-called "academic" standing against other schools? Their law school in particular is a gem, ranking slightly ahead of Uncle Bob's School Of Law & Lawn Mower Repair. Sure, it'll get you a job in GWB's admin but not much else. I'm amazed with all of the possible assistant hires that are out there, Belien comes up with this clown. Have fun in Ann Arbor at the Univ of West Virginia-Michigan Campus. Mr. MDI