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  1. Trubisky time

    I would absolutely love to have Alston Jeffrey come back to the Bears next year.
  2. Trubisky time

    Ahhh, I misinterpreted. I thought it said up in 2018, not through 2018. Regardless, it’d be nice to have him with Trubisky.
  3. Trubisky time

    He’s only missed 4 games a year since coming in the league in 2015. I’d imagine they’re going to sit him most of this year just so they can lose and get a high draft pick. They’re 0-5, so no incentive to have him hurry back.
  4. Trubisky time

    So Odell Beckham Jr.’s contract with the Giants is up at the end of this year. Are they going to resign him for the money he wants (I’m sure they will, but hope they don’t)? If not, the Bears have plenty of cap space to sign him. I personally am not a fan of his antics or flamboyance, but he’s a stud. Would be a great weapon for Trubisky. Pick up another WR in the draft and things look completely different next year. Thoughts.....
  5. Trubisky time

    Then we’d just have to listen to Dave complain instead of Truth....
  6. Recruiting

    Except that was Evans and not Underwood....
  7. Recruiting

    Do you realize just how stupid you sound?!
  8. Recruiting

    I can’t make this shyt up... Nolley has decommitted from Georgia already :lol:/> Did he not talk and discuss his future with his parents BEFORE committing to Georgia?! :hmm
  9. Iowa game

    Him and Michigan are such pricks, but they aren’t even the best team in their own state. Dantonio and Mich St is 8-3 against them.
  10. Recruiting

    Nolley saying Georgia and their HC Fox see him as a 1 & done player.... Yeah ok... :lol: http://d1vision.com/landers-nolley-commits-georgia/
  11. Recruiting

    Yeah, Lamont Evans, not Brad Underwood. Hence why Evans got arrested and Underwood didn’t.... :doh
  12. Iowa game

    Even the refs are giving up and refusing to make calls when there should be.
  13. Iowa game

    Agreed. Although games like last week are gonna happen with such a young team, I’m glad we bounced back next game.
  14. Iowa game

    Damn that hurts! Hey I’m excited with a lot of the things I saw today, regardless of the outcome.
  15. Recruiting

    Idk why that’d make an Illini fan smile.... :doh