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  1. Rutgers

    we still stink!
  2. Dangerous Website

    Dangerous to my eyeballs... yikes
  3. Trubisky time

  4. Trubisky time

    I dunno, that's not my job
  5. Trubisky time

    heh oh well
  6. Trubisky time

    I honestly don't pay enough attention to contracts to know who's available but I'm sure theres a large #1 type receiver out there, worthy of a big contract
  7. WTF is Wrong With Trump Today?

    Nice photoshop (bad grammar) Dave
  8. Trubisky time

    I'm pretty sure Fox knew exactly what kind of #$%&@! pile he was stepping into
  9. Trubisky time

    I don't like small injury prone receivers... for the kind of money he wants? pass
  10. Recruiting

    yeah who doesnt love going to the doctor all the time for the benefits
  11. What are you drinking?

    had a lot of wierd beers out in cali this weekend pliny the elder and clown shoes space cake were memorable
  12. Recruiting

    hahahahahahaha im dyin ova here ???
  13. I wasn't worried until I heard BU

    Maize is better?
  14. Blackhawks Hockey 2017-2018

    I don't think we're gonna be very good this season but who knows, I'll at least watch them as they aren't going to be dog#$%&@! like the rest of the sports teams in this town
  15. I wasn't worried until I heard BU

    well since he's going to Michigan I hope he sucks ass and is a total bust