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  1. Well, thank goodness

    Over the top. Lol. I have the right to my opinion, just like you have the right to call me a dick. And accusing me of being a Michigan fan is very teamwork orange of you. Maybe you should post at Loyalty where everything is sunshine and rainbows..
  2. Well, thank goodness

    I am so glad that the firm that the U of I paid cleared them of any wrongdoing in anything. All is well now!
  3. What will Timmaw say???

    No, not confused. I actually like SoCal as a poster.
  4. What will Timmaw say???

    True, in this thread, all you pointed out was that he isn't a state employee. Again, I was referring to your posting history. Or, maybe I was dreaming the whole time when you and JudgeJudy were leading the Keep Timmah, he is improving brigade at the end of last year. If I misunderstood, my apologies. This isn't worth arguing about. Illini Football is just too irrelevant.
  5. What will Timmaw say???

    That's a true statement.
  6. What will Timmaw say???

    No, he's your hero based on your posting history. You're one of the dudes that was totally on board with keeping him employed. Well, now this is what we get. A mongoloid retard in front of a microphone acting like a total embarrassment. Congrats. Not a state employee though.
  7. What will Timmaw say???

    Ok, if I'm wrong about that, fine. But your hero sounded like a retard today. And it's not the first time. It's embarrassing.
  8. so....Tracy Abrams...

    We can agree to disagree. No problemo.
  9. so....Tracy Abrams...

    if you can show me the post where I said that the sky is the limit, I would love to see it. Yeah, I never said that, you moron. I railed on your dumb ass for what you said about the baseball team. I even admitted that the athletic department had problems, but what you said about the baseball team was dumb. Anyway. I am about done with all of this. This Beckman stuff pushed me over the edge. Beach Bum, I think we agree on more stuff than you think.
  10. so....Tracy Abrams...

    You're definitely not dumber than Big10Man. Not by a long shot.
  11. so....Tracy Abrams...

    Thanks for the major award!
  12. What will Timmaw say???

    Nah, he has no history of torn L's. Just broken legs. If he remains a statue behind that OLine that sucks at pass blocking, he may get other things broken. But, whatever. Oskee. My god.
  13. What will Timmaw say???

    They are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Idiots like them are yet another reason why I'm about done with this whole thing.
  14. Charlie Moore getting new interest

    So, Charlie Moore probably isn't coming here. Right?
  15. What will Timmaw say???

    http://deadspin.com/tim-beckman-my-man-what-are-you-even-saying-1721152001 Highest paid state employee. Acting like a complete retard on Big 10 media day. Sweet. Oh, but he's enthusiastic. So, that's #$%&@!ing awesome.