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  1. This coaching staff is impressive

    Antigua is charismatic af. And seems to come off sincere as well. Chin gives off the sense that he's liked in Chicago, but almost like a little brother that isn't taken seriously. Hope I misread, and he kills it.
  2. Mark Smith

    Grayson Allen returning to Puke
  3. Charlie Moore Transfer

    Mizzou not recruiting Moore per Jon Rothstein
  4. Mark Smith

    Definitely made me laugh reading that.
  5. Mark Smith

    Lol! More of a surprised observation of what you can't say on here. And thanks for clearing up that's its only a high school recruit. Sacrcasm definitely doesn't come through well thru text.
  6. Mark Smith

    You can't say #$%&@! on here!? Ahh what the #$%&@!
  7. Mark Smith

    Excuse the #$%&@! out of me for expecting the worst. Can't imagine where that would come from.
  8. Mark Smith

    Was 100% confident he was coming here. With nothing coming out of the meeting Sunday (if they had one),losing his top assistant choice and now with the sharks circling....seems like momentum of the hire is already slowing. Hope I'm dead wrong and he gets Smith.
  9. Mark Smith

    Add Michigan State..
  10. Jeremiah Tilmon

    Frank Cusumano reported Tilmon visit went well and will be in Champaign next year. Underwood "very impressive". Cusumano is the biggest Miznoz lover so it has to be done deal before he'd admit he's locked up.
  11. Brad Underwood

    Hahaha!!!! Fantastic
  12. Brad Underwood

    Did anyone else notice at the end of his introduction speech, he said "Go Illini" but threw up the OK st pistol? Obviously not on purpose. Thought it was funny.
  13. Indiana

    ESPN reported Archie Miller to IU
  14. Porter JR to Mizzou

    Well #$%&@!! I'm usually good with movie quotes!
  15. Porter JR to Mizzou