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  1. The Hoosiers are the Champions!

    I would think Colorado will fall off the list now that pot is legal
  2. DJ Williams

    Maverick Morgan and Austin Colbert. Looks like they should be a good foundation to our bigs
  3. Eastern Kentucky

    But they're jiggly... And nice
  4. Let's go Gonzaga!!!

    I really do feel bad for Rodney. Bubbles really knows how to takes a players athleticism and completely make it null and void in his offensive scheme.
  5. IU/BU

    Wow. I love college basketball!
  6. IU/BU

    My only beef with this game is that I hate Dook being ranked #1. Would rather have a big ten team at that #1 spot. Impressive by Butler though.
  7. Catamounts SLIDESHOW

    I really liked at the end of the game after Tracy gets fouled, coach runs onto the floor, gives him a high five, smacks on the butt and tells him way to go. Tracy then makes both free throws and gets 4 more points right after. I just really like his approach to the players, the media, and to coaching
  8. Dixon transferring from Mizzery

    On another transfer note, does anyone know if we will go after Josh Smith of UCLA? Oh, and eff Dixon
  9. Welcome back to the top 25 post-game!

    Off topic, but VCU is beating Memphis right now. I def had the Shaka fever, but I'm ecstatic with Groce at this point.
  10. who else loves Groce ball?

    This guy!!
  11. Welcome back to the top 25 post-game!

    Did it seem like the rims in Hawaii were extremely loose?
  12. Welcome back to the top 25 post-game!

    Oh man, he does look like the geico lizard! Ha
  13. Nunn to visit Illinois

    Has anyone heard how Malcolm hills visit went?
  14. Groce happenings

    What about Gavin schilling over Hamilton? Looks like a better fit.
  15. Assembly Hall project update...

    The hot dogs suck but at least there is hickory river BBQ and ice cream!