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  1. What popular band do you irrationally dislike?

    The Eagles, man.
  2. ESPN gets rid off 100+ employees

    A good sports bar. B)
  3. Who would you take over Gregg Marshall??

    Never mind, he died almost a year ago.
  4. Official Coaching Search Thread

    Let's also say hello to winthiscentury from Loyalty.Post 2336 :rolleyes
  5. Official Coaching Search Thread

    say hello to aluma from Loyalty, everyone. Post 2296
  6. Official Coaching Search Thread

    FWIW . . . :hmm FlightAware
  7. A bunch of you owe Josh Whitman an apology

    I hear Loyalty is in need of recruiting insiders. :lol:
  8. Just a thought on mascot

    Illinois Golden Parachutes? :x
  9. The Rutles

    John Groce . . .
  10. Losing in Evanston

  11. Questions you'd like asked in postgame pressers...

    "Have you ever considered an alternate career in demolition?"
  12. Great Green Gobs of Greasy, Grimy Gopher Guts

    Sort of true. Linky
  13. The Badger Beatdown

  14. Sad Valley

    Delete the 's' from 'https' when you paste and it should work.