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  1. Recruiting

    I've heard that his tears heal the sick and the lame.
  2. Anonymous scouts' takes on Illini

    I blame the Russians.
  3. Mizzou welcomes Jeremiah Tilmon

    Will be surprised if he ever plays a minute of basketball for Mizzou or any college team.
  4. I declare Josh Whitman's first year on the job a FAILURE

    I declare myself EMEPEROR OF THE EARTH. Rebuttals? What a tool...
  5. Zero Fuggin Buzz Around this Program

    Illini athletics are done. The Big Ten Network killed them. There is no pressing need to be competitive when the money rolls in either way. This era belongs exclusively to the big boys in revenue sports. It's lucky Wisconsin made its move up when it did because the opportunity to do what they did is effectively closed now. There is simply no will from the administration to try.
  6. JCL injured

    WTF? I don't believe in curses but yumpin yimminy!!! Bad news indeed.
  7. Malcolm Hill on team chemistry...good read

    Every organization bigger than 1 person has "chemistry" issues at some point. When they manifest themselves in losses and bad publicity, you can be absolutely sure of one thing -- the organization has a weak leader. Period.
  8. Alexander

    Hopefully this also takes a little shine off Self/Snacks in the eyes of the Chicago elite talent power brokers.
  9. "I dont care"

    Literally almost every time he opens his mouth he unintentionally reveals that he has no business at the head of a major conference program. Forget x and o stuff, he simply does not possess the skill set to be the CEO of this type of business. Maybe one of the best assistant bench coaches in the history of college basketball but unfortunately for him the two jobs are very different animals.
  10. Big Cliff Leaving Kansas

    Another catastrophic BUST for the Chicago Hype Machine.
  11. SAGARIN All Time program rankings

    Iowa is tenth. They have won 2 NCAA tournament games in the last 15 years. They have the fewest Big Ten titles of any original Big Ten team except for Northwestern. Their last conference title was in 1979. ... And they're 10. So much for putting any stock whatsoever in those "ratings".
  12. Reality

    I have exactly your concern. Does Purdue have better talent than Illinois? Iowa? No freaking way. Do they have better TEAMS? Absolutely. No question about it. Groce has failed to make an effective team out of the talent he has assembled. That's why you see teams like iowa utterly destroying sh*t teams like Michigan on the road while Illinois needs hero ball heroics to get to overtime against them in Champaign. It's not a talent issue, it's a coaching issue. I love Groce as a spokesman for Illinois basketball but he may very well have a limited ceiling as a coach. At the 3 year mark, I remain unimpressed with the product he's putting out there. It's not a product that is going to be paying for a renovated SFC. He and the program are at a critical juncture.
  13. lol cliff

    I always suspected you were a tiara wearer, Fido.
  14. lol cliff

    I rely on a few maxims to guide my path through this amazing life. Maxim 1: Any woman over 16 who wears a tiara for any reason other than that she is actual royalty is most likely a horrible human being. Maxim 2: Any person who uses the phrase "you people" is most likely an insufferable douche.
  15. lol cliff

    I can't speak for anyone else here, of course, but yeah ... I'm good with it. F Cliff, F his fat, criminal daddy, F his little b*tch friends that thought it would be funny to clown Groce and his staff and F you, you whiny little lying punk.