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  1. quality degraded a bit in the upload process but it is still sweet...
  2. Nice of the BTN to run commercials during our first 2 plays of the second half. The BTN seems like amateur hour a lot of the time.
  3. I gotta say that our kicker tackles better than a lot of the guys on our defense.
  4. Bussey totally took the wrong angle on that run. Impressive that Wilson could chase down the running back though.
  5. Anyone know what the penalty was for? I heard the PA announcer saying "15-yard penalty to be enforced on the kick-off" but I don't know what team and what it was for. If it was on us, we will have to kick to Maclin.
  6. Yeah the drop-off at the safety position has been very noticeable so far.
  7. First half impressions: 1. We are lucky to be down by only 18. 2. Defense: no pass rush, really bad tackling, and several stupid penalties. Two turnovers were very nice though. 3. Offense: offensive line looks terrible, running backs are not Rashard's caliber but there are no holes, passing game looks like it could be much improved this year. 4. Special teams: gave up the kick return and missed an extra point. Basically Mizzou is outclassing in all phases of the game. Hopefully we can turn it around in the second half.
  8. Devin Hester is holding out

    How can that be right? He is only supposed to make $445K this year. If he holds out for 30 days, he might as well stay home as he will then be playing for $0 this year.
  9. Top 10 worst Illini calls, basketball edition: Go!

    here's a nice visual reminder of that game
  10. Klog: Richmond and Head visit Illinois again

    yeah, would have been better to say other "high" schools
  11. Big 10 - Comcast deal finally? (link)

    Cool! Anyone know if Comcast will have the overflow channels? There were a lot of times last year when there were 3 Big Ten football games on at the same time. If Comcast only has 1 BTN channel in Chicago, we could get screwed if there is a Northwestern game on at the same time which may be given priority in the Chicago market. EDIT: I now see that this question is German but I won't chump edit my post. If anyone knows the answer, that would be great.
  12. Piecing together the 08/09 schedule

    They are probably saying the same thing about us.
  13. Chicago Bears sign Robbie Gould to 5-yr extension (nm)

    4.25 million, highest ever for a kicker
  14. Cedric Benson arrested

    I heard Benson tried to run away from the officers but he was only able to get about two yards away before they tackled him.