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  1. Recruiting

    Aren't any of you paying attention to what goes on around you??? Here it is....if Ayo were to commit to USC, they would have the #1 class in the country. Look at who they have committed already. This is not about Illinois. It's about USC. My crystal ball pick is USC gets Ayo. People here, at Scout and Loyalty, make sure you mention my name ?
  2. Celtics and Lakers ESPN 30 for 30 series

    A team of... 1. Jordan 2. Kobe 3. Pippen 4. LeBron 5. Olajuwon Would dominant any other five throughout history. With this lineup you have four players that could bring the ball up the court, and the defense would be stellar!
  3. NCAA Rules on Louisville Escorts

    Prostitution should be legal! THIS SAID...I have never spent money on the incredible thing called sex. The government should not have control over the right of someone'special body and sex.
  4. Tilmon Arrested

    Yes, a big like Tilmon would have helped the Illini, but...you have to stay out of trouble and keep your ass eligible in order to really help. BRAD F'N UNDERWOOD is better off without him! Can't wait to hear the chants in St. Louis come The Braggin' Rights Game!!!
  5. Ayo on campus today

    Seriously...if I was a 5*, I would never had committed to Illinois under Weber or Groce!!!
  6. Ayo on campus today

    Illinois finally has a real man as their coach. Something the University hasn't had since Self! Illinois will be in this recruitment until the end, as well with other top players. The staff Underwood has assembled are men's men as well, and they will help Brad land the players we all covet.
  7. 6'10" Slovenian Matic Vesel visiting today

    Very good get! Much versatility with the Illini front court heading into next year.
  8. Jaylon Tate Inks Pro Deal

    Jaylon Tate sucks!
  9. A New recruiting thread that's acutally about recruiting

    Tyger Campbell commits to DePaul today. DePaul gets a 5* before Illinois? Typical. I'm sure Bowen and Tilmon will follow.
  10. DJ Williams to transfer

    Hope that isn't true. AJ is not athletic, and doesn't do anything well.
  11. Groce Akron staff

    Too bad Grace's coaching skills aren't like gold...
  12. Stanley Cup Playoffs 2017

    Edmonton will win it all. Look for them and the Maple Leafs to be battling for Stanley Cups in the very near future.
  13. Groce Akron staff

    Oh yeah, that scumbag... I can't understand how people could be so naive.
  14. What are you drinking?

    Moretti...whole Lotta Moretti at Armand's piazza in Arlington Heights.
  15. Groce Akron staff

    Vette, all I can say is that I'm glad ole' cliche boy Johnny is gone!