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  1. For the Weber haters

    the iu game was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. i hung on for a long time b/c i am an siuc alum (life long ui fan). when we lost that game, i turned to my wife and said "that is the kind of performance that gets you fired." it should have been. he should never have been allowed to coach after 2010 for the illini.
  2. Back to Reality Postgame Thread

    i get some of the pessimism. this team does not rebound well, especially when they go to a zone, which they are actually pretty good at (take the good with the bad there). if you look at the raw numbers, then you have to say we found a way to win a game that we shouldn't have (outrebounded and totally out played beyond the arc, i'm not buying that their 3pt. shooting was a product of poor defense; they shot the ball well, sagging defense doesn't turn chet frazier into trent meacham). we clearly did not play our best game, and i believe auburn did. we still won. i'm not sure what we will do in conference, i have my concerns given what mizzou did to us (they played a big ten game against us and pummelled us into submission). i do not think, given what we have seen, it is unreasonable to expect us to go 9-9 in conference. this team is capable of much more. brandon paul has to get straight, and we need to see more bertrand and mclaurin, less richardson and griffey. it breaks my heart to write that b/c i have always rooted for both kids to succeed. dj is too streaky to provide consistent offense, bertrand is the model of efficiency. griffey is deadly shooter with time and an open shot, but he plays no defense and can't rebound. have faith illini fans, these kids have shown toughness that they lacked in years past.
  3. SMU AD Fired

    those rankings are biased. just b/c he never traveled away from home or played aau hoops. kant could ball and couldn't ball (how's that for an antimony?). that guy had all the bases covered and he was as straight-laced as they come.
  4. SMU AD Fired

    as we all know the deeply religious are more rational than immanuel kant, so i'm sure this decision is supported by iron-girded rationality.
  5. What % of posters aren't what they claim to be?

    i meant s-ville. i have a lot of family from cowden, ran cross country against some good runners at cowden. they always seemed to churn out good cross teams from a really small area. @terry conklin -- THE GREAT WHITE HYPE "Mr. Roeper, Mr. Roeper"
  6. What % of posters aren't what they claim to be?

    i just defended my dissertation, so i'm a doctor (i can prescribe literature and film, not medicine). i also run and am originally from shelbyville. if you happen to be from that area, you probably know who i am now.
  7. So Bo Ryan isn't pleased

    what a dick!
  8. Michael Orris Released From LOI

    just joking. i don't think that is what happened at all. orris made a decision that will work best for both parties. now, can we go back to cracking jokes.
  9. Michael Orris Released From LOI

    here it's not called "creaning" it's called "grocing out".
  10. Isaac Chew likely to be third assistant

    i wonder if all fanbases pi$$ and moan this much about assistant coaches. :wall
  11. VIDEO: Groce on Jerrance, Meyers on NBA

    i can see the pros of keeping jerrance on staff -- good recruiting relationships, good relationships with the current players, and others. i can see the cons -- good relationships with players could backfire on groce, weber hangover, and others. i think groce is going to recruit well without jerrance. i'm really excited to see how things develop for the beloved with groce driving the bus, with players on the bus, rather than under them.
  12. Coach is on Sportsline

    anything interesting from the two segments?
  13. Fans invited to Groce intro

    i can understand not being thrilled, but thomas was behind the 8 ball here everything is a mess at the university, and i believe groce is going to be dynamite -- i think in a couple of years we'll all look back and wonder how in the hell we pulled this guy with an administration that's in the toilet. he is in the fourth year at ohio and their record was much stronger. it's not sexy, but it may be the best hire this year down the road.
  14. Guess SIU didn't want Bruce after all

    harbaugh's in carbondale has the best breakfast i've ever had, and i love my breakfast (pete's house of breakfast in ventura, ca is pretty damn good as well). quatro's pizza is pretty fantastic as well, and that's not just b/c i live in the lou where pizza goes to die. outside of that, slim pickings on eateries.
  15. Guess SIU didn't want Bruce after all

    a point and a question. i'm an siuc alum and i love carbondale, but that has more to do with growing up in a rural small town that was even more limited than c-dale. i like that it is small, surrounded by some of the prettiest illinois country, but still has a university atmosphere (somewhat liberal). that said, you're right, it is a pit for most folks and i totally understand that. the question i have, mccolley you seem pretty definitive in your opinion of weber as a phony. is this from a specific experience or from numerous ones over the course of time -- do you have a specific moment that solidified your opinion? i'm curious.