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  1. recruiting class

    What is the deal with Schilling? I have not seen him play, so am confused. He is not getting much national attn and yet most from the Chicago area are very high on him and it seems that the Illini are as well. Is he truely a B1G caliber player? i have seen that a chicago based website currently has him rated ahead of Hamilton
  2. Jalen James just decommited

    Is this move strictly about JJ performance on the court? It has been noted that he went to prep school in order to get his academics together. With the new graduation/academic progress now in play, is it possible that JG just was not willing to take a gamble. Now if the kid was top 10 or even 100 then possibly, but does UofI take this risk on a kid that by all accounts is at this time not a high major. Don't know much about Nic Moore, but if JG thinks that he can play and be a valuable contributor in the B1G, then it would drastically help the class balance. If he can get a 2013 PG and Moore, then in the 2013-14 season we have a FR, Soph & JR PG.
  3. when do you guys think Myers will get drafted

    http://hoopshype.com/draft.htm Gives list of salaries
  4. Isaac Chew to Leave for Marquette

    No insight on my end, but I just feel that Deon is probably mid 40's and has never been in the big time. Powell is probably 30 and he too has not been in the big time, although an asst at Valpo is bigger. Deon is the HC at a DII CC, so who is he recruiting. I guarantee you that there are many guys at UofI playing intramurals that start at LCCC. I think that with Powells age and the fact that he recently played on one of the greatest Uofi teams gives him an advantage. While Valpo isn't banging on Okafor, Alexander or Parkers doors, they are at least going after the mid-majors quality players, so he would likely have contacts with HS and AAU coaches. Other than that I have nothing else except that i would like to see a recent illini guy from Chicago on our coaching staff.
  5. Isaac Chew to Leave for Marquette

    He was at Missouri and failed to land any name recruits. They have a class full of trnsfers and then a couple 3* FR. BW and staff beat him out for Hill. It does look bad for the UofI program, but how in the heck can a parent trust what this guy tells their son. "Hello Mr. Nunn and Ms. Okafor, while I recruited your son to Mizzou and told them that it is the greatest place in the world, for more money I thought the University of Illinois was and wanted your son to come play for us, but in two months I have determined that I was wrong about both of those schools. So trust in what I say in june and not what I said in April". While this does not look good for UofI, I think that this guy just committed coaching suicide. Time for Groce to realize that he is at the University of Illinois and go get someone with real Illini/Illinois ties. Not in favor of Deon but would take a strong look at the REV. I believe he is an asst coach at Valpo and is active in Chicago.
  6. Offer to Semi Ojeleye

    Don't subscribe either but he did include Illinois. List is of 11 and includes indy and wisky. Also saw that an offer has been extended to 5* 2013 PG Tyler Ennis. He is from NJ and has an exorbinant amount of offers.
  7. Offer to Semi Ojeleye

    How do you know that Self knows the kid more intimately than Chew does?
  8. Offer to Semi Ojeleye

    See that the Illini have recently offered class of 2013 4* Semi Ojeleye. 6'6", 215 lb SF from Kansas and currently #37 on Scout. Has offers from UCLA, Wisky, Marquette and others. Mizzou had offered early and the lead recruiter was Chew. KSU also offered early and the lead recruiter was Underwood, who I believe went to Carolina with Martin. If the kid is the player that his ranking indicates, then this would be a huge get. Not only for the on the court, but for the off the court stick it in the previous coaches arse as well as Mizzou.
  9. Hawthorne at receiver?

    Read an article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch that coach is seriously considering Terry Hawthorne for some time on the offensive side and noticed that he caught a TD in the Spring game. I think that if he is 100% healthy, then it is a great move. Anyone have any info on this?
  10. Your dream class

    Just curious as I have only seen nunn on tv a couple times and simply not enough to make a fair judgement. You are very high on Brown and i assume that you have seen these guys several times each. My question is that Brown is listed as a SG, can he play PG? Since you have seen Browm, then what is your take on Carter. I live near St. Louis and Majerus says that he is the best player he has recruited to SLU. Sounds like he would have been a better PG option than Orris and possibly James.
  11. JMV Indy radio

    Completely different in st. Louis. guys on 590 the fan yesterday couldn't understand what Shaka smart was thinking and said that he is crazy if he thinks that he would get a better opportunity than UofI out of VCU. One guy said that Shaka Smart must not be very Smart. They questioned his recruiting confidence and desire for the pressure of major college bball. Big difference being in a non-B1G city.
  12. Coaching Search Thread Post Shaka

    they played for the NC less than a year ago? Loved to have that declining record
  13. Billy Donovan

    Not all of us have egg on our face, but you are soaked head to toe. Are you still bumping?
  14. bill self

    No way! howland has one year to get things turned around at UCLA and if not then I see Self going to the bright lights of LA.
  15. David Kaplan says Buzz Williams

    That 7.5 includes some major bonus including 3 million for being there for 3 years. He is due another 3 million after the next 3 years. His base salary is between 3-4 million. Still a pretty good gig.