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  1. So I am sitting in the airport waiting to go to Vegas

    I don't know about a moneyline bet for this game, but I'll take Illinois to win ATS in a heartbeat. In fact, I live in SoCal and am considering making a run to the Nevada state line this weekend to throw down a bet. And if the wife doesn't like it, too bad! *Nods with manly pride*
  2. Columbia Tribune: Tigers not ready for prime time

    Illinois committed 5 turnovers against you and played a RS Freshman QB who had never taken any college snaps for most of the game. Who's kidding who?
  3. Illinois is ranked #20 in the pre-season AP poll

    Wisconsin is #13? :lol:
  4. Michigan

    It comes as no surprise that Michigan--complete with lost players, a new system, and little experience at key positions--is being given Notre Dame preseason treatment. I'm just surprised that so many Illini fans are actually qualifying them as a legit threat this season. There is absolutely NO reason why Illinois should not win this one going away.
  5. Our 2009 Ncaa Tourney Chances...

    Highly unlikely. This team has more holes than a wiffleball.
  6. Jamar\'s probation to be revoked?

    Cabana Joe sums it up well. Entirely agree. Bruce's inability to recruit seems to have changed as of late, but his inability to lock down recruits in the past gives serious credence to Cabana Joe's post.
  7. If the Illini are in it, go to the Rose Bowl no matter what.

    re: captain rat Captain Rat is indeed around and so are his Rivets. I fully expect them to "revamp" the old song if we do make it. If anyone has the capability to take the old LP, get it into MP3 format, and make it available somewhere, many people would be indebted to you for a long while. And regarding tickets... The 2008 Rose Bowl has been sold out since last December. Scalpers and brokers are your only option at this point. Expect to pay between $255-400 for a $hitty seat at the top of the endzone. Not quite sure if broker prices will rise or fall when teams are announced or not though.