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  1. To complete the sweep. :hmm
  2. Every hour's happy hour on the deuce.
  3. Wait, what's happening tomorrow? (Cubs)

    No they didnt announce it. Last time he threw 87 pitches and they took him out after 5. My guess is he goes no more than 6.
  4. Jamar\'s probation to be revoked?

    Thats what we'll hear. "Well if we had Jamar, we'd have won 10 more games" or whatever. Get ready for it.
  5. wow. powerful email.

    so what do you make of that djtex?
  6. Cubs postgame

  7. Random Illini Trivia (EDITED)

    Got #2 right.
  8. Devin Hester is holding out

    Hopefully the defense will be healthier. In spite of being 28th in yds allowed they were 6th in sacks and 8th in takeaways. If healthy, a good defense. Combined with the special teams , they could have a pretty good year. The offense will keep them from being any better than that.
  9. We're not even CONSIDERED?

    His team qualified for that tourney in Moline, IL.
  10. Chicago Bears tickets on sale....

    co-sign it's all about the D.
  11. Deron Williams: The Total Package (links)

    Well no it wasn't a majority.... ... but the fact that it was being debated is pretty incredible. And it wasn't JUST people that thought Rich was going to be great and need a spot at Deron's expense. There were people that thought Dee should play point, Luther the 2, the Roger the 3.
  12. Deron Williams: The Total Package (links)

    I remember reading that too. There was a lot of us that disagreed as well, but yeah I specifically remember people saying Deron would be on the bench the next year.
  13. Official NBA Draft Thread

    Krumbs didnt do so great himself after Jordan, Pippen, etc left.
  14. Official NBA Draft Thread

  15. I would have ranked Bill Walton higher

    does he do 1-5?