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  1. College Football Week 1

    UNLV loses at home to FCS Howard. The rebels were 45 point favorites. Biggest upset in FBS history. UNLV was supposed to be a nine game winner this year.
  2. 2017-2018 Starting Lineup

    Lucas/smith Frazier/JCL Smith / Damonte Black / kipper Finke / transfer
  3. St. Louis Post Dispatch

    His writing is a massive endorsement to not go to the Miznoz School of Journalism.
  4. Charlie Moore Transfer

    He's much better than Moore. Pretty much his whole game is better.
  5. Charlie Moore Transfer

    Frazier and Lucas are both better than Moore. Don't need a 5'11" backup.
  6. St. Louis Post Dispatch

    http://www.stltoday.com/sports/columns/ben-frederickson/benfred-tilmon-backlash-from-some-illini-fans-makes-the-group/article_1323424c-ca35-5450-b9a1-098104538318.html Dumb journalism This poster said this This poster said that People are mean
  7. St. Louis Post Dispatch

    I just think Illinois needs to increase their marketing presence in the metro area. The only area of real growth in illinois
  8. St. Louis Post Dispatch

    The cards coverage is understandable... They would lose subscribers if they gave much coverage to the cubs or royals. I dont know many Mizzou fans here across the river.
  9. St. Louis Post Dispatch

    Stu covers SLU and general college sports. The PD just uses Tupper articles for anything Illinois .
  10. St. Louis Post Dispatch

    I've been a loyal subscriber for a long time. I have many friends in the area whom are uofi graduates or illini fans. Most of these friends do not subscribe to the post. I believe it is well past due for the PD to hire an illini sports writer. There is a moderately sized market that is being ignored, by poorly educated sports writers at the PD.
  11. EL33T 8

    I can today. K has lost a little bit of fire
  12. EL33T 8

    They may be upset, but they have something like 260 straight sellouts at Allen fieldhouse. Pretty sure he's safe. He's also been more successful than the two previous coaches, whom are both in the hall of fame.
  13. EL33T 8

    I don't think I would mind being a top two seed every year.
  14. Assistant suggestions...

    Too many white guys
  15. Tom Crean Fired

    Groce is available. Somebody should let them know