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  1. Lets Show Chasson Randle some Love!!!

    Does the fact that the person who started this thread is 40 make it even creepier? I could see a student starting something like this....40 year old guys should NOT.
  2. What is Weber saying during the game?

    Weber doesn't get respect from officials? Really? I should know better than to respond to troll bait, but I found this one particularly interesting.
  3. "A" Section

    I'm trying to figure out why nobody's bitching about the 3 sections worth of students who can't seem to walk across campus for games. 20 A section seats open: people complain 500 C section seats open: tumbleweeds I agree that there should be some way to be able to resell tickets that won't be used. My drive to C-U is about 3 hours, and there were some weeknight games that I just couldn't get to because of work or family commitments. It would have been nice to be able to resell those seats, or even donate them, but when you're 3 hours away and you find out that you can't get out of the office because something came up 4 hours before the game, there's really not a whole lot that can be done given the current ticket situation....it's not like there's a way to get the tickets down to CU that afternoon.
  4. But wait I thought VJ III wasn't

    I just found it odd that you'd go to bat for VJIII, but not say a peep about the shot at DJ and BP3. I guess I understand your motivation to leave it alone, but occasionally it would be nice to see you call out some of the people who happen to agree with you about Weber when they say stupid crap about things other than Weber. Of course, most of the people who agree with you about Weber have proven that they belong in the group that also have zero credibility about other things. Nice people you hang with. B)
  5. But wait I thought VJ III wasn't

    I notice that you didn't jump into the fray to defend any of the illinois players that are being denigrated in this thread. Why would that be?
  6. What is Weber saying during the game?

    It wasn't just his first year. In fact, if you know where to look, there are STILL people who complain about what he wears.
  7. Boise State

    They have players who aren't as good as ours.
  8. Klee's NG article about the game

    Didn't we win at the Dean Dome one year? Was UNC not ranked that year?
  9. Weber and adjustments

    Depends on how he recovers from his knee injury. He's lost a LOT of practice time, and probably a lot of conditioning.
  10. Post game

    And yet the B10 won the challenge anyhow. Amazing.
  11. Post game

    Um. no. Not.Even.Close. A comeback for the ages to be sure, but not even close to the drama or the importance of the AZ game.
  12. Post game

    The Big 10 will wonder why Bruce is sending it to them. The refs were (primarily) ACC refs, it was in an ACC arena, against an ACC team.
  13. Klee's NG article about the game

    Don't often play a ranked team at their place....it's normally a neutral site game.
  14. Anyone interested in eating crow?

    So you registered to rip on fans. Your reason for ripping on fans was because they were ripping on fans. Solid logic. You'll be right at home here.
  15. Davis, Tizdale, McCamey / Pruitt and Randle

    SouthernIllinoisRedneck is having a tough night. I'm thinking he should have gone back and edited some of his stupidity after the win.