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  1. Dr. James Dobson - Obama's America in 2012

    Trifecta! I think in both posts I was even snarking on fundie stuff. *finger guns*
  2. Dr. James Dobson - Obama's America in 2012

    Is this a serious question?
  3. Interesting Obama Article

    Holy cats. You serious with this stuff?
  4. J you up?

    Awwww, it's just like the good old days! :'( *pours one out for olden-timey Deuce*
  5. What is everyone drinking today?

    DEMAND EXCELLENCE chocolate stout, the Official Adult Beverage of the Dreaded Email Clan, for the game tonight. Maybe. But water for the time being. *finger guns*
  6. I'm fairly sure I saw this yesterday. Are they trying to say the decision was changed at the last minute? Smells shenanigans-y.
  7. I'm confused. Wasn't it BTN's site that indicated the majority of the state (Chicago area excluded) would get the Illinois game? I know I saw an Internets map that showed this yesterday; I assumed it was from BTN, but maybe it was from Comcast.
  8. How dare Jordin Sparks take such a stand?

    Your mockery implies that you think some people would be outraged that this gal defended celebrities who wear purity rings. I doubt you really think this. So instead of framing it in the context of some ludicrous imagined reaction, why not just applaud her for standing up for what she believes? Isn't that really the point?
  9. i'm going to say this up front....

    I don't think so--I believe this was posted before I put my pixorz on the Facebook page. Which I still did wrong, incidentally. :cuss
  10. Pics (10) from this morning

    Detlef, LQQK!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Did Smush ever make his case for best movie decade?

    LOL, I was just wondering this today.