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  1. Another great move by Guenther

    Dating myself here but this comment brings back memory of the MSU game in '82 where the entire west balcony started swaying and it caused a major panic. They had the Engineering dept out there and installed add'l supports before the next game. I believe that game was also notable for one the refs collapsing on the field from a massive heart attack. He was not revived. Anyone else remember that?
  2. Jereme Richmond NOT Suspended

    The one thing Weber should not do now is state definitely whether he will or won't play. At least make KU have to gameplan for both.
  3. McCamey - National Player of the Week

    Bill Cole overlooked AGAIN!! :)
  4. Say what you want...

    He was disturbingly close face to face. I was expecting Butler to jump up good as new, and for a bunch a flies to come out of Huggins mouth.
  5. Best NCAA tourney game you've been to...

    Only Illini game was the 2005 NC game Best other game by far was #15 Coppin State beating #2 South Carolina in 1997 in Pittsburgh. Coppin St had no home gym, bussed in a high school band from Baltimore, and a collection of cheerleaders of every dimension (inc one who was well over 2 bills). Except for the sliver of SC fans, they had 15K crowd totally behind them. Coppin St also came close to beating Texas in Round 2.
  6. I'm not sure who is that hack announcer. He referred to Weber as Bruce Parkhill at one point. Fortunately for Iowa, none of their fans are watching this game.
  7. A lot of missed jump shots by us. Good thing they can't shoot 3's.
  8. DJ started the game. But was only in a few minutes.
  9. DJ started but didn't play after the first timeout. Paul not shooting well so far. Nice effort from Bill Cole on the glass.
  10. He opened up the broadcast by referring to us as the "Illini Fightin' of Illinois"
  11. These may be the worst announcers since the "Luthor Powell" broadcasters out there in '05.
  12. Mendenhall

    On the positive side for Illini backs, the Steelers re-signed Carey Davis this week. He was cut before season in place of a rookie FB who got hurt. Davis is very popular among the Steelers players and lots of good comments from Heinz Ward and others about haviing him back.
  13. Mendenhall

    I live in Pgh and can tell you that Mendenhall has had a rough start here. Local talk radio is very down on him and Limas Sweed, their 1-2 draft picks in 2008. The combination of terrible run-blocking and his own mistakes has resulted in him showing nothing on the field. It will be interesting to see if he can recover.
  14. Another downsize is that our best ever Big Ten record of 9-0 would be in jeopardy of getting tied.