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  1. Illiniboard.com is back

    I registered as well, and received confirmation email, but for some reason I can't post any messages :cuss I would press the post button and nothing happens (tried in Firefox/Chrome/IE). Since I can't post I can't even ask for help. Oh well I hope it gets fixed later...
  2. Some rule changes for the upcoming season

    I guess I'm crazy also... I swear the block/charge change was supposed to be like that for years.
  3. Minny Post Game

  4. Signing Day

    According to the KSU fans they don't want him anyway: http://goemaw.com/forum/index.php?topic=10.msg668689#msg668689
  5. Mark Morris new D.O.B?

    Obviously, it's french - Directeur des Opérations Basket ;)
  6. Listen Up

    Thanks, e-bully.
  7. Isaac Chew likely to be third assistant

    Well, based on Tigerboard's reaction, I think we got a great hire ;) http://www.tigerboard.com/boards/missouri-tigers.php?message=9572195
  8. John Groce Has Interest

    Saw this on loyalty: http://www.illinoisloyalty.com/Forums/showthread.php?p=550455#post550455
  9. Shaka vs Indiana....

    Steve Lavin got some scoop! He just said that Shaka Smart is likely to become the next coach at Illinois.
  10. The officiating.

    Look at this video. There's hardly any contact at all:
  11. Revised season predictions

    Maybe I'm used to getting disappointed, but personally, I think an 8 win season would be friggin fantastic! I'd be so happy if we get 9 or 10 wins!
  12. Mendenhall Touchdown

    Howard Griffith scored 2 touchdowns for the Broncos in the super bowl as well.

    Brian Carlwell is on that team :)