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  1. Recruiting

    I think most, even a few yrs ago, agreed that 2018 was pretty bad for Illinois basketball recruits. If we get Ayo then Underwood did good this class imo. Next year has better bigs anyways.
  2. I wasn't worried until I heard BU

    The easy answer to all of this is to let kids get drafted out of high school and go to the D league/NBA (forfeiting their college hoops). For those that are not drafted out of high school,they can go to college. If they decide to go to college, they must get their degree before going pro. No transfers..You go to school for an education, not to hope to go to a blue blood after your school spends 3/4 yrs of their time and money on you.
  3. Four college assistants arrested for fraud

    Jawun's agent just got lynched by the FBI. Computers taken from his offices lol
  4. Four college assistants arrested for fraud

    This is hilarious. Im just waiting for them to nail all the AAU programs.
  5. mamadors farewell

    Low thinker
  6. Ayo on campus today

    I do believe McClain could coach, but these things you speak of only Weber could not see or to stubborn to adjust. Everyone in the stands and watching at home could have told Weber what McClain supposedly did.
  7. Celtics and Lakers ESPN 30 for 30 series

    LeBron is more physically gifted, but I would take a fully healthy Bird on my team over Lebron
  8. Tilmon Arrested

    Jajajaja. Maybe he was our 1 out of 4 Groce recruit that gets arrested...Bullet dodged.
  9. 6'10" Slovenian Matic Vesel visiting today

    This is only true because everyone found out that Groce was trash at coaching up players. I dont remember many complaining about any of his recruits early on, regardless of stars. This is because most are in a "wait and see what we are getting with our coach" mode. We found out he sucked, so obviously getting big time recruits was the only thing left to help our crap coach out. Now most here believe we have a decently proven coach that is a teacher and can make players better. Also, its a new coach and everyone is at that "wait and see how he performs" mode. If his recruits dont really get much better then you will see the same thing happen down the road. So, if Underwood does well and these low star recruits become serviceable players, then you wont here any complaints. They stay sitting on the bench and suck by the time they are seniors then you will here a lot of "Underwood is Groce 2.0" rants.
  10. Expectations for BU's 1st season?

    Underwood set my expectation at a NCAA bid. He said we should be so that is what I'm expecting. If it doesn't happen, then it's understandable lol. As for what I expect to see on the court...a team that looks organized and well coached, regardless of the outcome.
  11. Matta Done?

    The illini boards would be melting down if we were in this situation. I also don't think Underwood would have went to Ohio State over us. I also have come to the conclusion that Marshall isn't going to ever take a P5 job and why should he. He is making great money with no worries. Even though he has set a pretty high bar for himself and their fans, not many are going to dump on him if he started losing. That dude has it made at Wichita State.
  12. NBA Finals Thread

    C - Chamberlain PF - Duncan SF - Bird SG - Jordan PG - Robertson Bench Kareem Shaq Kobe Magic West Malone Lebron Chitwood
  13. NBA Finals Thread

    In both their primes I take Bird over LeBron every day of the week and twice on Sunday.And yes I believe Wilt would dominate any era.
  14. NBA Finals Thread

    Any top 5 list without Chamberlain is a bad list. As much as I love MJ, I think if I had the first pick of any player in any era it would be Chamberlain. Many think Lebron is a physical specimen...he isnt jack combared to Wilt. I would go Wilt, MJ, Bird, Lebron, Kobe. After those 5 there are about 50 others you could put in there to round out the top 10.
  15. Matta Done?

    Other than Bennett, why would any of those guys leave their current jobs lol.