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  1. Illinois - Minnesota game thread

    Disagree. The way this season went down, complete ineptitude by the offense, and going down to Minnesota the way we did in the last game is the worst I can remember. The fact that you mentioned of having good players and still playing the way we did makes it even worse. The only bright spot was that this was the nail in the coffin for Zook.
  2. Illinois - Minnesota game thread

    I've never been more embarrassed to be an Illini fan. It is the first time in the history of FBS football for a team to start 6-0 and end up 6-6. Minnesota did all sorts of things against us that they haven't done in years. How can a team come out that flat and unprepared against a clearly inferior team. If Zook is not gone by Tuesday, Illini sports can go **** itself. I will be done.
  3. Who's the new coach???

    Skip Holtz
  4. Team Honoring Trulon Henry?

    I'm not sure why we are honoring him either. Maybe I missed an article or news flash for the reason we are honoring him. Seems to me that this is not the message we want to send to young people.
  5. Trulon Henry shot in hand at party

    We need to wait until the facts come out before condemning them. Apparently Henry was at home when someone called him that some of the younger guys were in trouble at a party and Henry went over to get them out of there and got shot in the process. I agree with Zook not having any sense of guidance or leadership for these guys but don't condemn Henry just yet.
  6. They just played a hell of a ballgame in StL

    That was the most unbelievable game I have ever watched. I don't know how it was for others fans, but as a Cardinal fan I think my heart stopped a few times. I think I was hyperventilating by the end. Simply unbelievable. Not the cleanest, error-free game ever, but for drama, one of the best ever. One more game Cardinals!!!
  7. This could be huge....

    The NCAA is nothing but a group of moronic fools who are only driven by money. And they don't have a clue how to make college sports any better.
  8. I have a really hard time predicting a losing score for the Illini and I think they have of pretty good chance of winning this. So after a nice long drink of oranger koolaid... Illinois 17 Penn State 14 This win could instill a lot of confidence back into our team.
  9. Relax.......things will get worse......

    Whoops you're right. 1999 and 1994 in the last 20 years.
  10. Relax.......things will get worse......

    You're only looking at what you think is going to happen. I'm looking at what is happening. We had a 7-6 record last year. We played in a bowl game last year. We won a bowl game for the first time in 20 years last year. We will probably make it to another bowl game this year. We had the best start for the team in 60 years. We were ranked for awhile. True, recruiting is down but Zook has a knack for seeing good talent among the less-ESPN ranked players. We'll see what happens last year. Look back at where we were at two years ago and get back to me. Nah, I'll go ahead and tell you. We were looking at another losing season, no bowl game and no confidence it would get any better. But it did. If that doesn't mean we are better off than we were two years ago, then you're just too negative to have a good conversation with. Go ILLINI!
  11. Relax.......things will get worse......

    +1 It might get a bit worse before it starts to get better again but I agree we are in a whole lot better shape than we were 2 years ago.
  12. Illinois Athletics

    I understand everyone's frustration about the state of the football and basketball teams. I am pretty down about the way we have lost the last two football games as well. And this upcoming basketball season has a lot of questions. We may be pretty good or we may be pretty bad. But I have to disagree with accepting mediocrity. If so, what's the point of rooting for your team to excel? I am damn proud to be an alum of the University of Illinois and it's atheletics and it's going to take a lot more than disappointing results to turn away or accept mediocrity. I could get into why I love Illini athletics and all that but the post would be too long. Go Illini!
  13. Relax.......things will get worse......

    It's hard to want a change when you're at 6-2 but our easy schedule, Zook's inexplicable decisions and inability to coach the team and the way we have played the past two weeks makes me hoping for some change. So tired of this middle-bottom tier that Illinopis is in. We are one of the greatest universities in the country and there is no reason we can't get people who are winners and know what they are doing to come to our school. Zook is a nice guy but he is not the answer nor will he ever be, no matter who we put under him. I can never hope for an Illini loss, but maybe after 2 or 3 more years of 7-6 and 8-5 seasons, AD Thomas will end this and bring in a head coach who will take Illinois to places we haven't seen in over 60 years.
  14. The 2011 St. Louis Cardinals

    Carpenter barely hangs on, the bullpen is awesome once again, La Russa outcoaches Washington, and the Cardinals have a 1-0 World Series lead! GO CARDINALS!!!
  15. Relax.......things will get worse......

    I'll take that anyday. That would leave us with a 10-2 record. I'm pulling for them all the way but ...