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  1. Ball State

    So he gets the first down , decides to keep running after he's pushed back , and makes it a 4th and 3. Lol.
  2. Ball State

    What an idiotic call on 2nd down and 1.
  3. how many wins should we expect?

    If they can't beat Ball State they might not win a game all season.
  4. Cheatin' Tar Heels back in final four

    Roy was unaware that these things were happening, the fake classes and all.
  5. Who is Brad Underwood.......

    Hope so. Sounds good. You have to assume Whitman knows what he's doing until he doesn't . Certainly isn't afraid to make changes .
  6. Who is Brad Underwood.......

    Oh, wow.
  7. Who is Brad Underwood.......

    Why? Because he doesn't agree with you. He has one year at a big conference school. It's valid not to be hanging title banners quite yet . He may be a great hire or he may not.
  8. Brad Underwood

    Yeah, we shall see.
  9. Joe Lunardi

    1-10 against top 50 , one good win all season. Barely above .500.
  10. Losing in Evanston

    Their best player was out. Still a pathetic performance.
  11. Coaching List

    You got to give a guy a few years. He's only been a head coach 4 years. The test is whether it lasts or not. That's why I said unproven . If they make a couple tourneys he might then get some looks. They had a good conference record last year and finished second.
  12. Coaching List

    ISU hasnt had that many problems with player arrests , that's nonsense.I can only think of one. They have a good team this year not just because the league's down. Great defensive team, top notch PG. But Muller is unproven, early on as a HC.
  13. So you're telling me there's a chance

    They play defense in the NBA?
  14. Final Four

    Yep. That's another way of the NCAA saying they don't want to go any further with the sham investigation. And the cop out is that they are really, really sorry they don't do a better job monitoring academic fraud, and will do better in the future punishing a non-cash cow with the new and improved way of doing things.
  15. Final Four

    South of Joliet, more specifically.