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  1. Oladipo Block & The Clock

    I personally thought the guy on the clock was a little slow starting the clock on the inbounds, that seemed like a very long .9, but I was ecstatic when the ball went through.
  2. no improvement

    I think we will be able to pass judgement on this hire in a couple years. Weber completely destroyed the program and there are certain players in the program that just need to play out their eligibility and get new blood in. When that comes and new blood is in, then we will be able to pass judgement. The team looks prepared for the most part, which cannot be said at all for the football team. Remember, that was supposed to be one of the top defenses in the Big 10.
  3. Pathetic

    Where do the recruits spend more time. At the Hall or at Ubben? The Hall needs major upgrades, no doubt. Make it more basketball friendly, put the fans closer to the floor, make alternate orange and blue padded seats throughout the entire arena, and put in some luxury boxes. In addition to that, major upgrades to the locker rooms are necessary, but I would focus on keeping Ubben up with the times, because that is where you are going to sell the program to the recruits.
  4. Referee Behavior

    I want to get some peoples opinions here. I watched the entire game and was highly appalled by the behavior of one of the referees at the end of the half when he literally blew the whistle, put his hands behind his back, sprinted towards Coach Groce and got right in his grill. Personally, I thought it was highly inappropriate and necessitates swift and immediate action from the Big 10 offices. If any coach or player would have acted that way, they would have been immediately T'd up. Any thoughts.
  5. Fatigue

    I don't think its a style of play thing, but I think it is a depth thing. I would like to see Coach Groce use more of the bench. I feel like there are times when he could go 8 or 9 deep and he shortens it to 7.
  6. "Sources" Are Already Talking

    Thomas cannot pull the trigger and fire Becks unless he has his guy in hand. I for one would be willing to roll the dice with the NCAA and bring Tressel into town. Choice number 2 would be Bobby Petrino, followed by Todd Monken. After that, Thomas will have to reassess where he is going. Being very honest, I think that the first 2 are very unlikely, but Monken would be very interesting to see what he has to say.
  7. Michigan game thread...

    At least in Turner's first year, we all knew it was Robert Holcombe and a bunch of nobodies. In Zook's first year, we knew there was no talent there. This year, I am convinced that while the talent is not at the level that it should be, Illinois should be able to compete with other teams in the Big 10. This is a total lack of preparation and teaching on the part of the coaching staff. Where can I put $20 towards the buyout?
  8. Possible Suspension?

    So after all of the uproar about the tobacco incident, does Beckman get suspended for Saturday's game? Is this a fireable offense where Thomas can get out of the buyout? I hear Bobby Petrino is looking for a job. He wouldn't be here long, but the ship would get turned around.
  9. Penn State

    What other game would you like to to see? And ND Michigan is out because of the NBC contract.
  10. Dish Network vs Big Ten Network

    History lesson here. Dish Network didn't have an agreement with BTN when the network signed on and then App. St. beat Michigan and on the following Tuesday, there it was. It will happen.
  11. I have never, I repeat never, had such a bad feeling about a team. I am giving Groce the benefit of the doubt, but there really is not that much horsepower here, and he is going to have to do one heck of a sell job to get this program back to where it is. Hopefully, he does not build up the program and then bolt town.
  12. Jabari releases final 10. NO ILLINOIS.

    Not surprised. Move along.
  13. QB Situation

    Has Beckman said what he is going to do with the QB position and I missed it? I personally hope he picks either Reilly or Nate and sticks with one and moves the other to another position, because it is very rare for 2 QB teams to be successful.
  14. Lou Henson Teams

    This is my take on Henson teams in general. They ALWAYS played hard and were well prepared for games. They could get to the hump, but never could get over the hump. The 89 team is a perfect example of it. If it were not for the probation, I think that Lou would have retired on top and passed the torch in a much less clumsy fashion.
  15. Parham it is

    This is the best hire that Groce has made. He sounds totally legit. I don't know if getting Parker is possible, but turn him loose in there for the 14/15 kids and lets get this bus rolling.