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  1. Who succeeds Beckman?

    Agree. He could be a Mike White type.
  2. Who Would Like on the Sideline Next Year

    Ruffin McNeill (East Carolina HC) Chad Morris (Clemson OC) No way Kiffin gets here. Read "The System: The Glory and Scandel of Big-Time Football". Must read for all college football fans.
  3. Cincinnati Game

    Let us do a Clemson. Fire Bowden hire Dabo (Sorry Vic Keonigg) Fire Timmy hire the Cubit
  4. Thomas Turning up Heat on Beckman

    If we do not win any non-conference games, Tim needs to go. Let Cubit finish the season out. MT call Chad Morris and get him signed. Urbane Myer wanted him as his OC. Chad wants a head coaching job.
  5. Jim Bridge out at Illinois

    You are right. How can Rossow keep this guy. Assmunchin wants to write about rainbows, cotton candy, puppies, and cuddling. Not what you want for a football writer.
  6. Jim Bridge out at Illinois

    Glad to see Bob Assmussen reporting on this. What a POS. He needs to be fired for not addressing it. Probably told by the DIA to keep his mouth shut. Retire Bob, you are not a football writer for the U of I. Drink your Kool-aid. Can't wait to see your bush leaque columns on how Beck is gonna win 9 games this year.
  7. Guess who I saw

    Cubit was hired for one reason. Tim will be let go before the end of the year. Cubit will finish the fiasco.
  8. 2012 Bowl Games -- Big Ten vs SEC

    One of the worst calls in football history. Next play, justice was served. Clowney is a beast.
  9. Zags Postgame thread

    This is not air guitar, but some sort of quasi masturbational behavior. The NCAA needs to investigate.
  10. Big Ten bowl games

    I hope SCUM can handle some big time smack talk from Spurrier.
  11. Tupper blasts illini fb...

    Chad Morris, oh wait he maybe going to AUBURN.
  12. Per Mike Thomas: Beckman stays

    We can change all of this by creating a "FireBeck" website AND Protesting outside Wise/Easter's houses. "Let's Roll"
  13. Doren said "NO!" to Illinois

    Absolutely right on. Tim the blowbag Beckman knows he is in deep Sh#t. Thomas knows he has got to make a change. Look for next year that Tim gets fired after we lose to SIU.
  14. "Sources" Are Already Talking

    According to Bob Assmussen, Beckman is golden here for at least next year.
  15. "Sources" Are Already Talking

    I am not naive enough to think we are going to get Gruden et. al. With that being said, we need a coach who we feel will give us HOPE!