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  1. Las Vegas

    If rights come from God, we have no rights.
  2. Las Vegas

    We're doomed. Information is all bogus, and mostly invented by people with no knowledge who think they are smart. On this thread someone wondered how he got all the guns upstairs. The shooter's brother answered that very simple question - he handed the bellhop a hundred and the bellhop carried the bags full of guns to his room. A lot of the simpletons will hear that and all they will hear is.. "a hundred" "a hundred" "a hundred" That's how someone like Paddock - who isn't particularly unique in Vegas - roll. You hand the bellhop a hundred, like paying for a Big Mac. This is totally asinine yet somehow this ridiculous story is news. https://www.yahoo.com/gma/vegas-shooter-had-200-reports-suspicious-activities-large-004306919--abc-news-topstories.html Here is the lede "In the last three years alone, more than 200 reports about Paddock’s activities, particularly large transactions at casinos, have been filed with law enforcement authorities, ABC News was told." I used to play on a video poker advantage play team - the highest stakes I think I played were $2 machines so $10/hand. At tax time I might have a couple dozen W2's. Someone playing $100/hand as Paddock did would generate a couple dozen per hour, and have massive transactions. This information is meaningless. You read the comments on the article and he's some sort of crazy degenerate gambler because aren't they all? That's not my read here, and I played for 10 years, and met a lot of people playing at higher levels. Some had a lot less discipline and washed out, but Paddock's other assets and ability to amass an article and go through the simple but precise steps indicate he was very methodical and probably had the casino beat. And by "beat" that might mean he battled them to a draw on the machines and then got hundreds of thousands in comps. I once flew to Vegas on a cheap SWA ticket, checked in, was handed a ticket to a Tyson fight, scalped the ticket, played for a few hours, got the casino to reimburse a first class ticket I hadn't used, then got the first class ticket refunded by United. That's the sort of gamesmanship that the pros use. That would have given Paddock the wherewithal to pull this off if he had the expertise with guns. All it takes is for a screw to go loose and he t does it just to see if he can. Meanwhile the bartender at this bar I am at thinks "someone at Mandalay Bay must have pissed him off". Right
  3. Las Vegas

    If we get to that point, who cares. You stockpile all of these weapons but then you starve. Even people who think they are "farmers" wouldn't get very far without oil, fertilizer, etc... And even if you are some stud organic sustainable farmer, where's your water coming from? A well? Requires electricity. Solar and batteries? How many spare parts do you have? And when do you water? When it's not gonna rain, but how do you know that without an operating infrastructure to give you weather information. Then you trip and break your leg, which sucks but can be sorted out via a quick surgery - but there's no hospital anymore. That we spend one moment worrying about that eventuality instead of putting all of our strength into preventing it, is completely wacky.
  4. Las Vegas

    Thanks guys. I really don't see a lot of value in having a glock in your desk for self-protection, but I can deal with it, I mean, if that's the worst thing there is, my chances of getting shot go down dramatically. Go for it. Keep it locked away, but go for it. I don't hunt, don't really see the point, for every argument about culling deer populations, those could be handled in other manners. But hey, if you are hunting an animal that's not endangered and you make some venison stew, knock yourself out. Feel free to come shoot some of the wild boar out here, they're a massive pest. You want to go nutty and shoot assault weapons at targets at a restricted shooting range? Odd hobby but why not. Past that - I don't quite get it. We don't let people have bazookas, so there is clearly a line somewhere. Why is the line where it is? I guess because the NRA is afraid that "The Liberals" don't want you to have a handgun or to hunt so they have to push for every inch or we'll steal their rights. But I sure as hell can't find any real evidence that this is the majority view. If anything, their stance is likely to cause an over correction. If you are in a GOP district, write your congressman/senator. I'll have your back if they come for your Ducks Unlimited shotgun or whatever the hell that is.
  5. stock ideas

    Yum yum yum
  6. Las Vegas

    The mental health evaluation here is easy. If you are not active military or police, and you want an assault rifle, you are crazy and should thus be disallowed from having an assault rifle. QED
  7. Las Vegas

    Suffer? This is bigly good!
  8. Las Vegas

  9. Las Vegas

    Weren't you the guy who said we shouldn't spend 100 million out here for a suicide net on the Golden Gate Bridge because people would just go commmit suicide somewhere else? I know you watched Lethal Weapon, but the almost all of people in US history who jumped out of a high-rise window to their death - did so on 9/11 - and no sensor would have stopped that. I guess we also have to put some sort of sensor in black churches, elementary schools, high schools, gay night clubs, etc... we can play wack a mole forever shutting the barn door where the last horse got out, or we can just get rid of the guns.
  10. Las Vegas

    but your suggestions are prudent!
  11. Las Vegas

    The videos are wack. I was maybe 5 minutes from lights out last night when this broke, so I of course ended up staying up 3 more hours. A couple things struck me. A lot of those videos spanned at least 3 of the major barrages, showing people running and with a lot of people on the ground, I've seen at least one where a guy is performing CPR. I'd like to think I wouldn't be focused on keeping my camera rolling, I'd be trying to figure out how to get the hell out of there, or ducking, or finding something to hide behind. But there are other shots, especially up in the front where it looks like there was nowhere to run. The exit was towards the gunfire. But it wasn't really clear to anyone where the gunfire was coming from. Or even that it was gunfire for a while. The one that was really off was a bunch of people on the ground and some dude with a tall boy of bud light standing there flipping the bird in the general direction of the shooter. I have no clue what I would really do - but that would definitely NOT be what I'd be doing. Have to give huge props to the guy doing the CPR. Apparently he wasn't the only one, read a story of a norcal guy who was doing the CPR, then the bullets would start up again so he'd cover the body, then get up and start CPR again. That's some coolness under pressure there.
  12. Las Vegas

    Banned in Canada and Trump's building a wall between us and Mexico. Problem solved.
  13. Las Vegas

    Wait. This is very confusing. "Guns don't kill people, people kill people". Because guns are not sentient beings. But drivers don't kill people, cars kill people. Be consistent man. If our society could function without transportation, I would say we should ban cars. But transportation is one of the most critical needs or our society. I would like to see cars used less, but I don't want to ban cars, I want to finish off the autonomous car work and ban drivers. On the other hand, our society can function quite nicely without high capacity guns. As such, I vote we ban them.
  14. Las Vegas

    I agree. This is too soon to politicize this event. My call for gun control is not based on this event, the period of mourning I was instructed that I must adhere to for Sandy Hook ended this morning - so I am now free to do call for gun control. Or is it still soon - it gets very confusing.
  15. Las Vegas

    I don't know if it's a "sides" thing - 58 people are dead at least. I wouldn't care if the guy was a Transgender Muslim or Trump himself. It's a democracy and I vote that any weapons of the class used last night should be under extremely strict control - solely for use by the military and police and treated with the same reverence as rocket launchers. I might not win that vote, but that's my vote. I don't need to justify it.