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  1. Report: Lebron Would Consider A Deal In Europe

    $50M US is only about 32M Euros. Back in 2001, that same $50M US would have been 58M Euros. If the US currency keeps sliding, anything is possible including cheap, mega-star US basketball labor available for export.
  2. Preseason Coaches Poll: Illini #19

    Hardest-Easiest Schedules for Top 25 Teams Based on how many other preseason top 25 teams they play, Home - Away - Neutral-Conference Champ Game to go undefeated. Hardest Georgia: 2-2-1-1 Kansas: 2-2-1-1 Illinois: 1-3-1-0 OSU: 2-3-0-0 Texas: 1-2-1-1 Wisky: 3-2-0-0 Auburn: 3-1-0-1 Easiest BYU: 0-0-0-0 Fresno St: 1-0-0-0 Va Tech: 0-0-0-1 Wake Forest: 1-0-0-1 Clemson: 0-1-0-1 Oregon: 0-2-0-0
  3. Jamar Smith Details

    That works until... a bartender is questioned by the DA office and provides confirmation that he was served and consumed several drinks at the bar. Knowing the high profile of this issue, I would be surprised if they did not have this witness in hand already. If they don't have someone willing to corroborate the drinking, then he might get off.
  4. Jamar\'s probation to be revoked?

    This is good. J-FAB for short.
  5. Jamar\'s probation to be revoked?

    This might require a CDP-esque nickname. I propose WADA What A Dumb Azz If this all goes down like its looking like right now.
  6. the reverend is preaching to vegas

    What is the consensus as to why the Rev hasn't made and NBA roster? I know he is a "tweener" in terms of his size, but he is surely more valuable than a lot other NBA bench warmers. He seems to have proven that he can light up the scoreboard in a short amount of time.
  7. alumni

    Congrats Jason and welcome!
  8. nominations: worst performance in illini history

    Wow, your right. I forgot about that no pass 2nd half.
  9. nominations: worst performance in illini history

    Yes, it was long, but makeable.

    Will any other school without an NC be higher?
  11. Brandon Jennings: Arizona out; Europe in....

    Smart move, more top 20 HS seniors should do this. Get paid big time for 2 years (salary, shoe deals), learn the game full time, and prepare for their NBA career. Question: How will the street agents feel once the European version starts to muscle in on their players? The money is going to be flying around like mad once more players decide to skip college and do not need to worry about eligibility rules.
  12. DIA should hold a "Guess Season Ticket Sales" Contest Closest to actual sales ending a week before the season starts on Aug 23rd. I've got dibs on 48,956
  13. nominations: worst performance in illini history

    2003: UCLA in Pasadena, 3 - 6 Loss The worst football game played by two teams I ever witnessed. Both squads were so pathetic that neither team could give the game away to the other.
  14. nominations: worst performance in illini history

    1994:Washington St. at Chicago: Loss 9 -10 May not be the worst performance, but easily the most frustrating game in modern Illinois history. The defense forced WSU into 4 inside their own 30 yard line and the offense puts up 9 points.