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  1. For a minute there I thought I had fallen into The Onion.
  2. 9 Observations from the Charles Barkley game

    Did I stumble onto The Onion?
  3. The only political post I'll make this year

    Take heart. There's reason to believe that the polls are inaccurate.
  4. BO insanity is

    "If ye love me, keep my commandments."
  5. Hubert Davis boned it

    Maybe "McGamey" would sound better if we'd had a better finish to the Misery game.
  6. pretty sad when the nba has more concern about it's

    College players are expendable?
  7. Meyers Leonard

    I hear that cousins have little problem with much of anything in Kentucky. :dikembe
  8. Mike Shaw to Illinois

    Except the "Board" says it's your 9th post. :rolleyes
  9. Not really basketball but...

    With the name "10bears" I assume you're American Indian. So that settles it. With your permission, we'll use The Chief as our symbol.
  10. Not really basketball but...

    I nominate "A good stale mate for all 3 parties involved..." as the best of the comments.
  11. Snacks hints at a commit?

  12. Shaw coming 2 IL madness ???

    If it were me, I'd avoid the hoopla and noise (madness) of MM and visit at a time when I could get the most information. But that's just me talking. Not someone that knows what any 19 year old wants.
  13. Tennessee basketball under investigation

    Written by a UT or squawkeye journalism major? Using the same kind of solid reasoning that could possibly paint (no pun intended) Pearl as the good guy?
  14. Tillsdale

    Where's dgracefan?