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  1. Dangerous Website

    maybe they can ban Truth long-term with this new software
  2. Happy Columbus Day

    here's to peter falk
  3. WTF is Wrong With Trump Today?

    this will destroy Alabama's NFL team
  4. The day is coming

    pink floyd has really gone downhill
  5. Happy New Year to our Jewish Cesspoolers

  6. Illini Helmet Stickers

    they'll be for sale in bulk at champaign surplus before long
  7. USF

    they are drinking whenever someone says "pounding" or "pounded" so nobody can drive
  8. USF

  9. USF

  10. USF

    taking a shot every time there's a flag
  11. Bye Bye Loren Tate

    there's a reason God made pastures
  12. Jimmy John's Memorial Stadium presents your Fightin' Ultimate Porkers
  13. Beach Bum Farewell

    stop calling in all your forum rescuers you forum slime
  14. mamadors farewell

    this is the hot takes forum until november
  15. 2017 Chicago Bears