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  1. Whew!

    I thought this board was gone for good
  2. Blackhawks Hockey 2017-2018

    I see a EFF appearance
  3. PJ Fleck is better

    Minnesota played shotty yesterday
  4. Another one goes down

    Was he another recruit we lost?
  5. Iowa game

    It's over. Time to watch duke vs virginia
  6. Iowa game

    Hope I can watch in the v2nd half. Damn people keep coming in my office
  7. cubs 2017

    Great win last night I wanna see dusty in tears
  8. Tom petty passed away

    I can't believe people find hook boring. Great beer drinking music
  9. Tom petty passed away

    A legend r.i.p
  10. R.i.p. Joe tiller

    Passed away at 74 today Purdue football hasn't been the same since he left the school
  11. In Praise of Scout Board

    I had a gf who gave awful bjs. They were basically hjs.
  12. Hef's Dead

    Still can't believe he went to U of I I feel like the university should use that as a recruiting pitch
  13. Cornholers

    Nebraska 35 illini 10 lovie Smith era is over
  14. In Praise of Scout Board

    Scout is just about gone
  15. Game time tba

    Illinois might not have a football program by then