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  1. Sad Valley

    Tate's in to stop the comeback from happening.
  2. Sad Valley

    I think I'd take Sean Harrington or Rich Mcbride over JCL. They knew their limitations.
  3. Sad Valley

    Thorne post up... lol why
  4. Sad Valley

    Tate back in the game...
  5. Sad Valley

    why is the default play always a post-up by thorne whenever he's in the game? His success rate is almost as high as a JCL drive to the basket..
  6. Kobe with 60

    Brian Cook was in attendance on the court after the game.
  7. Illinois vs Noerthwestern

    dj should be starting at the 4 for the rest of the season
  8. CJ Walker Visit

    His top 7 schools aren't ranked particularly high in business, so I doubt academics will be a material factor in his decision.
  9. So on 2 other boards....

    I think Colbert will outproduce Mike Thorne next season (assuming Thorne plays elsewhere). Look at Thorne's progression from his RS freshman year (1.8 ppg and 1.4 rpg) to his RS sophomore year (9.1 and 6.7). I'd expect to see a similar improvement in Colbert's 3rd year based on increased playing time and having a second offseason to improve his game. I don't necessarily think Colbert will put up 9 and 7 next season, but I wouldn't bet against him putting up Egwu's senior year numbers (6.5 and 5.9). Also, Thorne's stats will likely decrease next season (from 10.1 and 7.3) when he plays a full season against an increased level of competition. Having said all that, I don't think Thorne's addition would hurt. I'm not optimistic on Finke or Morgan contributing anything but garbage minutes, so a big man with significant collegiate experience will be a net positive to this team's tournament chances. And you only use up a scholarship for a year.
  10. Coach Cal on Next Year

    The Harrison twins and Johnson haven't been drafted yet -- so you're criticizing Calipari based off of an as-of-now unrealized loss in NBA potential in 3 kids. They could still go in the 1st round depending on how they do in pre-draft workouts. Also, the Rivals rankings aren't necessarily based on NBA potential. Those three players have won 9 tournament games in their 2 years of college; I would argue that Calipari definitely got the most of them.
  11. Next Years Formula for Success

    starting line-up: abrams 11 nunn 13 hill 15 black 9 colbert 6 bench: tate 4 coleman-lands 8 paul 5 everyone else: out of the rotation

    he'll most likely commit to duke, but i don't know what the over/under in terms of days would be
  13. An Analysis of Newcomer Leron Black

    http://www.draftexpress.com/profile/Leron-Black-7139/ Leron's been the same size for 3 years (6-7).
  14. There's plenty of reasons for the Blazers to pick up his option. He's athletic, tall, and the same age as Egwu. Also, if you look at the list of centers who currently make less, there's no one I'd take over Leonard except for Mason Plumlee. Finally, not many marquee FA's sign with Portland, so it's a smart business move to try to develop talent. Better to pay $3M to the guy you drafted 2 years ago than acquire someone like Brendan Haywood or Joel Anthony.
  15. Recruiting Thread

    but if his grades are ok and he can get into illinois and he can be coached...