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  1. Leonard is taller than Tisdale

    No redshirt please... the amount of talent coming in and with the 2013 guys available I say bring em' and play everyone of them to the max and worry about beating the crap out of people with every weapon every game...were going to be DEEP... something were not used to...and with pretty darn good guys... just throttle people...
  2. New York Times says Lebron James "stongly leanng" to Bulls

    Stephen A. Smith of FOX Radio says Miami... except for the weather seems Chicago would be the one, we'll see soon.
  3. WoW.. Talk about Exploding onto the scene!!!!!

    Well well... our last 6 recruits ... 5- 4 stars and a 5 star... has this happened before? I've had some frustrating moments the last couple years but... thats pretty strong for any program in America... Good job to everyone on the staff...
  4. Bull's Draft (If I'm their GM)

    "unremarkable" very well said, saw alot of KU this season and for all the hype coming into the season??? well, I could live without him at this point, the Anderson kid? I'd be happy with him running next to Rose even if they got shut out in FA.
  5. Does Demetri's work out with the Rockets scare you?

    Doesn't bother me a bit, go for the money, we'll be just fine.
  6. Shaw Thompson and Randall 2011

    Well said, if my son was in the position I'd wait too...May 8th is not to bad for the top guys to wait for either.
  7. Oliver Purnell

    They both could do worse at this moment, might work.
  8. Shaw Thompson and Randall 2011

    Thanks for the information, good to hear Shaw and Randle are still in the game for us, could be a great class yet...
  9. Shaw Thompson and Randall 2011

    Can anyone say if were looking good on signing these guys? I see we lost the higher ranked guy to Louisville. TIA
  10. McDonalds All-American Game Thread

    I think unless your going to KU, NC or UK your not going to be included in the festivities on the court...just a thought after seeing the game. Bank it, if you are undeclared right now you will go to the above mentioned schools... this is becoming one all-star freshman class after another for these schools, think if I went to another school and played them I would make it my #1 goal to paddle their arse if my team had even a remote chance talent wise.
  11. Coaching Carousel Predictions

    Franks players LOVE him, and he continues to get better talent every year, his passion is real and his players and recruits will go to great lengths for him... I'll take that anyday...
  12. Coaching Carousel Predictions

    Me likey Frank Martin...thought State might let him dangle a little more, not enough of a pedigree for KSU...at least they were smart enough to keep him.
  13. NIT predictions

    Stones 61 O & B 59 EPIC, yes EPIC failure, we'll be comparing the loss FOREVER... wait, I just woke up from the nightmare... Goodguys 69 Stoners 55 Griffey 9 minutes
  14. I just can not bring myself to even think about filling out a bracket...this is morbid for an Illini basketball fan the last 3-4 years
  15. 2011 & McCamey

    You think he wants another year of this? Weber? He is a point with a great body that with an exception of needing to mature a tad is ready to roll into the league.