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  1. Iowa game

    Coach Ferentz was sweating it first 3 qtrs. Just saved his job in 4th qtr.
  2. Iowa game

    Big ole 79 gonna need a crash course on rules of play
  3. Iowa game

    Over. We didn't get blown out. It took trick plays and a couple of turnovers and crappy calls to take us down. Actually feel better about our future than I did after last week.
  4. Iowa game

    I was just texting my dad who asked "is this our Illini marching down the field?" I responded " hoping we don't have demoralizing big play turnover". Bam!!! :wall
  5. Iowa game

    We seem to be "growing up" a little today. Makes me hopeful for 2018 season
  6. Cornholers

    That would be a big 10-4 good buddy!!!
  7. Cornholers

    You know what..,, Nebraska is an Addidias school. So we might win this game tonite by default in 2022 or 2023. So we got that going for us!!!
  8. Cornholers

    Unity beat sages 30-13. Mad dash of crowd heading to Memorial Stadium. Should fill balcony for rest of 4th qtr. whew!!!!
  9. Cornholers

    What really explains it all is..... yes. We play on Friday nights. Like back to back. Yea, we are that good....
  10. Cornholers

    Just called Fox Sports to see if the can switch feed to Unity vs Monticello game.. they are working in it.. hold tight
  11. Cornholers

    Damn.. lack of war chant hurting our 4th down stops....,,
  12. Cornholers

    I think cold weather hurting fan support. 60 degrees. Burrrrrt
  13. Cornholers

    It literally takes 8-9 of our players to make a tackle on 1 guy.
  14. Cornholers

    We just way too young this year. Hope it pays off in 2019
  15. Cornholers

    Bring in jgjr see what he can do. At this point it doesn't matter.