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  1. Any Mike Shaw news?

    It's looking really good!!! Your Season Article
  2. Details on Midnight Madness

    The recruits that went to MM last year and this year said they liked Huff better. It sucks that there were empty seats, but I blame the organizers for scaring people away telling people to get in line really early.
  3. Bruce Pearl says he misled NCAA -- Whats New

    My favorite is the last quote: “But I hope that the things we did don’t rise to the level of termination, because we run a clean program,” he said. “We got investigated in a lot of areas.” ... You do understand that you just got caught cheating, right?
  4. Where is everyone discussing Illini sports nowadays

    I've just found the other board more interesting lately. I check both sites frequently and I just find the other has much more current info and better discussions. I actually prefer this site, but I hate to say that the other site is run better... sorry guys.
  5. Juice Williams watch

    It looks like he may be joining the Illini football staff: Tweet tweet
  6. Bulls trade 17th pick and

    Since it can't be official until July 8th will the Bulls just select whatever player Washington tells them to pick?
  7. New Names for the Big XII

    Delany is 100% right. The Big Ten name goes way beyond the number of teams. They should never change it. Since the Big 12 only came into existence 14 years ago there is much less brand equity at stake.
  8. New Names for the Big XII

    Anyone have any good ideas? - Little 10 - Big 12 Minus 2 - The Longhorns Conference - The Endangered 10
  9. Nebraska to join Big 10

    I agree. I think Kansas should get an invite. While we hate them they would elevate the conference's basketball status. It would be fun to get BS back in Assembly Hall too...
  10. Nebraska to join Big 10

    Not that I care too much, but I am interested in seeing what is going to happen with Kansas. I can't imaging them being in the MWC, but that is what is is looking like now. Will they ever lose a basketball game in conference again?
  11. Zook names Scheelhaase starter for 2010 season

    Good stuff. It definitely seemed that was inevitable after spring ball, but I'm glad they announced it early. Hopefully Charest and Whitmer keep competing and pushing Scheelhaase to be better. We need depth there. My question is: once the games start how much slack are they going to give Nathan before he gets yanked?
  12. Michigan Punishes Itself

    My favorite: Michigan goes to it's room to think about what it has done.
  13. New low for Calipari.....

    Thanks. I still wouldn't put Romar in the same league as Cal, but I get what you're saying. What Calipari did isn't against the rules, but it is just slimy.
  14. New low for Calipari.....

    Proof? Examples?