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  1. Rumor on other board that Illinois

    Coming from you that is a compliment.
  2. Rumor on other board that Illinois

  3. Rumor on other board that Illinois

    God forbid an Illini fan goes to a free site and wants to post about the team he/she cheers for. But I guess in your world that also means that person is also obsessed with kids and how fast they run and how high they jump. I like to know that Zook and Weber are on the recruiting trail doing a good job. Of course if we land a big recruit I will read about it here and be happy we got a good recruit. I am talking about people that obsess over where kids might go to school and spend countless hours thinking about it and posting about it. Grown adults making big money off of kids athletic abilites and grown adults spending money reading and watching what these kids are doing is creepy. Big difference, imo.
  4. Ranking the nonconference schedules: The Bottom 10

    Seriously, we all know where each other stands on scheduling. Do we really need another 15 page pissing match?
  5. UK Diplomats taken

  6. New to board: Zach Fulton, Kyle Prater, Matt Milton

    Coming from someone who is trolling other boards and flaming, I will take this as a compliment.
  7. New to board: Zach Fulton, Kyle Prater, Matt Milton

    Maybe you should read one of the threads on the top of the board, you would easily find my stance and thoughts of grown men and their obsession with 14-17 year old kids and how fast they run and what they ate for breakfast last week. link
  8. DeRosa to the Cards

    I am wondering how Cub fans will treat him now when he comes to Wrigley. I understood the first standing ovation he got at Wrigley last weekend, a nice little "thanks for playing your tail off while you were here." But the rest was just a tad over played. Now that the bar has been set, do Cub fans cheer for him everytime he comes to bat now?
  9. Time to lighten the mood... MJ Jokes here!!!

    Morbid, tasteless, and very bad form. I give this one an A+!
  10. New to board: Zach Fulton, Kyle Prater, Matt Milton

    Thanks for the "I come in peace" line then going on and letting us know UT is going to get a stud recruit that Zook and co. are after. Very polite way to say "ha ha." I am assuming you are here to flame and still hate Zook from his days at Florida...you should really get over it.
  11. Good for Jeff. He gets to continue his education at one of the finest institutions in the country and he got to play 2 years of Big Ten basketball, with part of it on scholarship. He is a fine young man and will no doubt be succesful in life. I have a feeling we will hear more good things about him down the road. Good luck Jeff. On a more selfish personal note, I will miss seeing Michael Jordan in the stands wearing the O&B. It was pretty cool for the U of I to get a little extra attention that Jeff brought to the program being MJ's son.
  12. Here is a guy who can't grasp what freedom is about.

    No, but it was worth a shot. One day he will go away.
  13. Rumor on other board that Illinois

    I can't believe that people follow HS athletes the way they do. Grown men drooling over a 16-17 year HS football/basketball player = creepy.
  14. Here is a guy who can't grasp what freedom is about.

    I know the difference, thanks for the lesson anyway. And while my response was over the top, you need to go to extremes sometimes to pound a point home to an idiot like Rush's altar boy.
  15. Here is a guy who can't grasp what freedom is about.

    I don't remember the verse in the Bible where Jesus was walking around with a glock in his back pocket and an assault rifle to kill all the fish he was after. Show me where in the Bible that God says you or any person has a right to own a gun.