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  1. Supernatural events in the Bible

    I can no longer tell whether this is willful ignorance or deliberate misrepresentation. Either way, it's quite amazing, and makes me sad.
  2. Supernatural events in the Bible

    I'm not scolding you for being offended. I know it's your only recourse in this particular argument after it winnows itself down to its logical conclusion. Standard operating procedure.
  3. Supernatural events in the Bible

    Hehe, I understand that this appalled and offended act is the best response anyone could muster in defense of the insanity FlyinIllini22 has been continually posting. Last ditch effort to shift the focus from the merits of the argument to the tone of the ridicule. Even so, the 'hatred spewed,' 'spewed hatred,' etc. are a bit hackneyed as rhetorical forms, no?
  4. Supernatural events in the Bible

    Sure they do. But their beliefs don't make them magically immune to criticism, particularly when they openly present pseudo-science, misinformation, and general whackjobery as fact or anything close to it.
  5. Supernatural events in the Bible

    I'm amazed at the level of hatred you have for people who are ardent believers in great and mysterious monkey gods. I'd think you'd have some sympathy for believers in an equally substantiated, equally untestable, equally absurd proposition.
  6. Supernatural events in the Bible

    At least Prof. Sung-Do Cha isn't a completely arbitrary stab in the dark like the 'One' to whom FlyinIllini22 is referring. Instead, it's name on a list of a list that turned up while desperately searching for a retort among whacko christian sites. http://www.godsholyspirit.com/creation/Do_...nst_science.htm Furthermore, if one were to press matters, one could likely demonstrate that Sung-Do Cha actually exists.
  7. Supernatural events in the Bible

    It's willful ignorance, and it's astounding.
  8. Supernatural events in the Bible

    There's no logical evidence that precludes the possibility of a nearly infinite amount of things. That doesn't make it a reasonable assumption that they are or have any liklihood of being.
  9. Supernatural events in the Bible

    OK then, if you say so. I'm sold.
  10. Supernatural events in the Bible

    Seriously dude, creepy.
  11. Supernatural events in the Bible

    Nobody can claim to be absolutely sure, to claim so would be remarkably an arrogant. As an athiest, I just don't see any logical evidence. Especiallly not evidence to the remarkably arbitrary degree of precision and minutia that you see in religion. Why should I arbitrarily believe in a god (you siad he, there's just another aribtrary descriptor that you assinged) just becuase you can fathom the posibility?
  12. Supernatural events in the Bible

    One of the dimmer comments on the subject today, but not an uncommon one. Speaks to the clientele, I guess. Just another tired iteration of Pascal's wager. Ugh. It doesn't take any more faith on my part not to believe in a Judeo-Christian God than it takes me to belive that the hairball in the back of my closet isn't quitely controlling the universe. Because that proposition is every bit as absurd as the propositions that Christianity, or any other religion for that matter, is making. Are you an atheist with respect to Zeus? To Thor? To the hairball in my closet? How much faith does it take you to believe that the hairball in my closet isn't quietly controlling the universe? The binary nature of atheist vs. Christianity arguement is a false duality and a silly way to frame it unless you're so arrogant to assume that Christianity is the one, out of all permutations of religion, to have gotten it right. Out of all the religions that ever existed, you picked the winner, and know you did as an article of faith, lol, aren't you a chosen one. In fact, Christianity is on equal ground with any other religion, or any other implausibility I could come up with, in terms of evidence and probability. So no, it doesn't take any faith for me not to be at all convinced by the Christian God or any other. But I'm open to the possibility, I know I don't have all the answers, wouldn't be so arrogant to claim I had it all worked out. In fact, I'd distrust anyone who said they did without any evidence whatsoever.
  13. Supernatural events in the Bible

    double post