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  1. A Spartan Denouement

  2. A Spartan Denouement

    We shoot 45% on the year and we shot 45% last nite. We shoot 37% from 3 and we shot 42% last nite. We shoot Ft's at a 69% clip. Last nite we shot 61%. It's not like we shot out of our minds. More like we played well... AGAIN! Say it. You'll live.
  3. A Spartan Denouement

    Nobody laughing now
  4. Trent Frazier

    If that is all the fansboys wanted to hear, they'd never come here.
  5. Trent Frazier

    Atta boy
  6. Trent Frazier

    Whew, Thanks Maybe even talk about his 32 pts / 6 asst / 13 rebs & being named player of the game. Or being named player of the game in his previous game? Or his 29 pts / 10 rebs and being named player of the game in his next game too.... As his team has now advanced to the F4
  7. Trent Frazier

    Let's see... You had time to research the video and watch only the beginning. Time to think about what you watched and then put those thoughts on a message board and time to link the video But you didn't have the time or desire to watch the finish... Even though you "were told" the finish is the best part. Concerning
  8. istillikeharv with a fantastic comment

    And 2 Finals. And 4 other EE's. And 2 other S16's Plus, he's been to an EE and another S16 with Illinois And another EE with Tulsa. 17 Seasons - 1 Championship / 1 Runner-up / 6 EE's / 11 S16's 15 Conference titles Some folks call that, "Losing so early, most years" Others tend to think it's because he identifies the fringe player and dismiss the way he develops and utilizes those players. Weber, on the other hand... Blows all that away.
  9. istillikeharv with a fantastic comment

    Isn't Self's Kansas' teams something like 17-4 vs Top 5 teams? And could someone inform me as to how many NBA All-Stars Self has had the luxury to coach?
  10. NBA 2016-2017

    http://www.sportingn...lw1w0dcsbedchal And it only took the coach 2 months to start him
  11. Ped State - The Return Game

    You guys ain't going anywhere. No matter what
  12. Potentially bad news for Kansas basketball

    Felony vandalism gets worse. Vick and Freshman star, Josh Jackson (projected lottery pick) are now "persons of intrest". Multiple eyewitnesses to the crime have been interviewed. Victim is the same gal that was "likely" assaulted by Vick, in 2015 ("Struck multiple times"). Both played against Baylor. http://www.espn.com/...-vandalism-case
  13. scUM Gameday

    Besides shooting 64% from three, we shot 64% from two. If you looked up at halftime, you might have noticed that we scored 100 points in our last 2 halves. And that we shot over 59% in those 2 halves. We average 78.65 points per game, while shooting over 47%, on the year. We out rebounded them, 30-17 We are out rebounding our opponents (625 - 544 / Almost 5 Rebs per game.) At about the 13 minute mark in the 2nd half, scUM got their 1st offensive rebound. Our bench outscored their's (28-9). We had 6 players with double figure scoring. We are shooting over 50% in our last 3 games, combined. We shot over 50% in our last 4 non conference games. JCL is now shooting 40% from three. He is trying to become the 1st Illini ever to shoot at least 40% from three in his 1st two seasons. The only Illini to shoot at least 40% from three in consecutive seasons is... Sean Harrington. Malcolm Hill is averaging 18.7 ppg in his last 11 games. Maverick Morgan is averaging 13.4 ppg in his last 7 games. JCL is averaging 11.5 ppg in his last 6 games. Leron Black is averaging 10.3 ppg in his last 11 games. Our next game (at home, vs 1st place Maryland) is Saturday night, at 5:00, on ESPN2 Maryland is 15-2 or better for the 3rd consecutive season. The only other times they have ever opened 15-2 or better are the '97 and '99 seasons.
  14. West Virginia Blowout

  15. West Virginia Blowout

    WVU forced 15 T/O in the first 13 minutes. Baylor's 29 T/O's were a season high for a Major Conference team, this year. Baylor's loss was a worst ever, for a team making it's #1 debut. 13 of WVU's 16 opponents have committed a season high in T/O's. WVU has now forced a T/O on 33.1% of it's opponent's possessions. WVU had a game this year where they forced 40 T/O's