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  1. Big Ten and rest of season Prediction

    7-11, no way Illinois sweeps at Nebraska, at Penn State, and Michigan/home, Purdue/home.
  2. What's weber doing calling out the fans in the post-game?

    What kind of coach do you think he is? Illinois was great from 1999 - 2005. Do you even remember those years? Or were you like 10 years old and have no concept of Illinois being elite? Weber took a perennial top 4 seed team, and made them a bubble, irrelevant, losing program that the best kids in the state dont even consider. Weber took over a program that would consistently sell out Assembly Hall, and now attendance sucks compared to what it had been. Thats trashing the program. What more do you want?
  3. What's weber doing calling out the fans in the post-game?

    1 NCAA win in 6 years. Not competing for Big 10 titles. Missing the NCAA's TWICE...during his tenure.. Yes, this program is destroyed from what Weber inherited.
  4. What's weber doing calling out the fans in the post-game?

    If you're Mike Thomas, do you want a person like this representing your university? Weber is making it easy on MT. Not even leaving it a difficult decision.. :lol:
  5. so i have a question

    8-10 will also get him fired, because that wont make the NCAA tourney either. Wouldnt surprise me to see Weber canned, even if he goes 9-9 and makes the NCAA tourney as a #12 seed... MT got rid of Zook for just as bad the last 2 seasons.
  6. Moral Victory Postgame Thread

    I think this qualifies. Missouri is way better than Illinois.
  7. Bradley vs. MIchigan

    Butler won at Stanford tonight. Good win for Brad Stevens.
  8. Co-Goat Award winners

    They played pretty good for 30 minutes...its almost like they tried to put the kill shot in and kept missing from 3...but turned it back on at the end.

    Its not what they've done, its what the upperclassmen have not done. Griffey isnt good. Neither is Sam.
  10. Tracey Abrams

    Bert DJ Paul Leonard Shaw I'd go with those 5 (even though Shaw didnt play at all tonight). Griffey/Sam need to sit.
  11. Moral Victory Postgame Thread

    I thought it was the Illini's night when BP bricked in his 3pt'er.. Guess karma got him back when he threw the ball way later.. :lol:

    Myke Henry - 0 minutes Mike Shaw - 0 minutes :hmm
  13. Moral Victory Postgame Thread

    Mizzou was in control most of the game, but when they went cold from 3 it allowed Illinois back in it. I think that was Illini strategy in the 2nd half...they started going underneath every screen and giving them the 3pt look...Mizzou missed them.

    Lets be real - it took a bunch of wide open missed Missouri 3s in the 2nd half, and the game of his life by Bertrand (9-9 from the field, and 20 points) to make it as close as it was. This game went according to script, with only Bertrand being the surprise. Leonard was MIA for most of the game.
  15. Braggin Rights Game Thread

    Another banner in the Bruce Weber era. "Didnt get blown out by 30 to Missouri" :lol: