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  1. I know the actual game times will not be announced until matchups are set, but does anyone have an idea maybe from past years approximately what time the first games should tip off saturday? Thank you in advance
  2. Say by some miracle, we win our last three vs. Michigan State, Michigan, and Iowa putting us at 19-12, 8-10 in the Big Ten, with a five game winning streak and finishing strong vs. top of conference. Is that a tourney team?
  3. 2011-12...rebuilding year?

    As someone who has generally supported Weber, Richmond leaving does not lower my expectations for next season. By no means would I or hopefully anyone else on this board be okay with a rebuilding year after the recruiting classes we have had the previous three years just because a talent like Richmond (who seems to cause serious chemistry issues, and obviously had plenty of his own problems). No one in this thread has mentioned Sam as someone with experience, and I believe his attitude along with the loss of Richmonds attitude and our senior class that showed no leadership over their career, that hopefully this team next year actually shows some heart, leadership, and togetherness that we have been missing the previous two seasons. And if we don't see improvement from our young talent, are a middle of the road big ten team that misses the NCAA's, it will not have been a rebuilding year, it will have been Weber's last season as coach of the Illini.
  4. My Apology to Bruce Weber

    The type of comments you are talking about Legends I would say is a problem with this board, but I am sure it's the same with message boards all over the place. I have been a Weber defender, but never have I attacked someone who has an intelligent, well thought out comment on why they want Bruce out of here. The main reason I shy away from this board is because after any loss this year it turned into "F&*% Weber! Your a worthless piece of S&%T, Fire him now!!!" What is the point of that? I feel sad for any of you who feel the need to jump on here and say those things, and would love to be able to have a message board that was moderated and those who make blinds PERSONAL attacks at people should be banned instantly, criticize someone for the job they have done all you want, but the personal comments I've seen on here are just pathetic. And sadly enough, it sounds like people have gone this far in person around Coach Weber and his family. Unfortunately having to deal with some pathetic individuals hiding behind a keyboard who feel the need to make personal attacks comes with the territory of such a high profile job, and Weber really doesn't seem to have to personality to shake those things off. Only thing I ask of you guys on this board is to stick to voicing your opinions on our coach, team, and program's results, and how you think we can improve. Also when we get those people on this board who want to make personal attacks, JUST IGNORE THEM. Don't respond, don't tell them they are an idiot, just ignore them, before you know it they will go away.
  5. Tyler Griffey

    per Griffey's twitter, doesn't look like he is going anywhere... "I can speak for DJ and BP3 as well, this will be the most productive off-season of our lives. We all know what we need to work on"
  6. I see where KU offered Stan Simpson...

    Tempo I promise you Weber had to put a lot of work in to keep a few guys from leaving post-self, I am not sayin he himself convinced them, but guys were ready to leave, and weber did everything he could to get them to stay. I am not defending anything else about Weber right now except he did have to "recruit" guys to stay after self left
  7. Sam Maniscalco to Illinois

    My biggest worry for next year was our ball handling, and this really helps fix that problem. Also one of the biggest problems this team lacked this year was passion, toughness, and leadership and I hope watching this team this year everyone realizes HOW IMPORTANT that is. I too am worried about the rotation especially after seeing the way we refused to go deep this year, however it is a problem that is good to have and I hope we find a way to make that an advantage for us next year, we don't have a class of seniors that weber will be wrongfully loyal too, but instead a group of young guys with not much experience who can fight and compete for time. Makes me slightly more optimistic for next year
  8. If Weber beats Kruger and then Self...

    Legends your quickly becoming my favorite guy on this board, someone who has an opinion but still an illini die hard deep down. Anyone who says you wouldnt at least be back in full support of this program if they someone one these two games is ridiculous, and i wont even bother responding to those peoples comments. As much as I would love to see it, I dont have much faith in us winnin fridays game more or less upsetting kansas, i am not a self hater by any means but boy would i love to be celebrating come this sunday night
  9. yea I was/am pretty happy for battle. That kid played his ass off all career and this season, deserves to get into the tourney like they did. honestly i just want to see that passion and heart from our guys, i really think thats what has been missing the last two seasons
  10. Fab 5... 30 for 30

    I do think this is pretty great, along with the unlv one on HBO. Did Michigan graduate a lot of guys from the championship team or were there guys who won a national championship riding the pine behind these freshmen?
  11. Not sure why I am either, seeing the lack of passion all year and especially last ten minutes of the michigan game with 4 seniors out there and hearing what the locker room was like after this team sure seems dead to me. However there is a part of me that can just imagine what gift this program has been given, I have never seen Illini fans more down on the program (im only 28), and they have been given the opportunity to change that attitude in a matter of a week. I know im setting myself for yet another dissapointment, but unfortunately i live and die with these guys
  12. Weber has been given a GIFT

    First I realized when Michigan got an 8 seed we were in, i think the big ten got over seeded, not just Illinois. Anyway I have no faith in this team, their effort with 4 damn seniors on the court the last ten minutes of the michigan helped cement that, but you have to be excited about the possibilities here. Weber has been given the chance to get a large majority of his naysayers off his back (or to only heighten those shouts), and lets see what him and this team does with it. By no means am i predicting a sweet 16 run, but I am very excited about the possibiltiy of the kansas matchup.
  13. As bad as it has been

    Have to agree, that team was so lifeless those last ten minutes against Michigan, its almost as if they want the season to be over. You would think with 4 seniors, they would play with some emotion, some passion realizing this is their last chance after the dissapointing careers they have had. Instead we got the same old crap. I'd love to see us make a run, but ill honestly be surprised if we do
  14. Likelihood of a Resignation

    Good post Legends, it is nice to see you or anyone who is not a weber fan to explain why they do not want him around anymore instead of the blind dumb hatred posts we get around here after every loss these days. I have always been a big Weber supporter, but these past two seasons have been too much for me. I was around the program for his first three years here, and I know what a great job he did those first two seasons. There were guys who were ready to leave the program when Self left, and he got them to not only buy into him, he got them to play and practice their ass off for him. If anyone wants me to divulge further into this at some point, im more than happy too. I was one of those apologist, "once he gets the talent again, everything will be fine." This season has been mine boggling to me, I have put a lot of blame on our seniors (which i still do), but its Webers choice to continue to play them, and he needs to take responsibility for that. There is WAY too much talent on this roster for this season to have gone the way it has, with the same guys over and over again. I have wanted to see Weber succeed more than anyone, but its coming to an end, something needs to change soon. I do not see him resigning by any means, he needs to make some changes on the staff (price, notthingham) but I am afraid he is too loyal to do so. Legends like you I just want to see this program succeed, I truly was convinced Weber was the guy to do it, but these past two seasons have made me doubt that. As much as I like the guy, whatever it takes to get us back to where we should be I am open too.
  15. Illinois Michigan Game Thread

    Ugh this is exactly the problem with our seniors their whole career, its unbelievable. Pleeease someone make some plays down the stretch