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  1. Day 4 NCAA Tournament

    Damn these games are insane!
  2. 2016 IlliniHq golf outing

    I'm in, but will just drink and hang out and watch..I am terrible at golf.
  3. I have some unfortunate news

    Hey, just texted you dear..I was wondering why I hadn't gotten a snarky text this last week or so:) For anyone on here who hasn't hung out with Smitty in real life (most of you, obviously), he is a great guy. Also, a tough one. He is just the best! You will beat this, babe.
  4. Nunn Arrested

  5. Is this THE Jaylon Tate

    Disappointing news to wake up to. I really liked Tate and thought he was a good kid:( Whitman, USE THIS PLEASE!!
  6. Post Game Locker Room

    Really happy for the kids!!! Nice to see them enjoying themselves. LET'S WIN TODAY, I want to see more dancing gifs!
  7. Josh Whitman for Governor?

    hahaha! love it! if Whitman cans JG I will be dancing like that for a week..
  8. Illinois v Minnesota

    Believe me, I don't get it either.
  9. Illinois v Minnesota

  10. Illinois v Minnesota

    wow, thanks..I watched and knew it was a lot, but wow, cool! wish they'd saved some for manana
  11. Illinois v Minnesota

    we set a BTT record for threes made? How many did we have?
  12. any golfers around bloomington normal

    Most of you in this thread have my number..so let me know. We should throw out a few different dates and see what's best for everyone.
  13. any golfers around bloomington normal

    Hey C! That would be fun!
  14. Open Letter to Josh Whitman

    lol quite literally almost, too! See ya on the golf course with jasn88!
  15. any golfers around bloomington normal

    Told ya I'd be the cart driver/drink getter and I know Freep, so..so much the better